Usage of vpns in the community

Dear developers, we perfectly understand your desire to get rid of bots and cheats, but it seems to me that blocking vpns isnt the best way to do it, thousands of people use VPN for a comfortable game, reducing ping, debugging packet loss and many more reasons. We kindly ask you to remove this kind of blocking. There a better ways to get rid of the bots like double verification via phone or something similar.
also as far as ive seen the bots are very very predictable and a very simple program can filter them out and five them a prompt to check if they are bots or not.
things like this seem way better than blocking VPNs


Using a VPN has been against the TOS long before Lost Ark launched. That’s not going to change.


After reading these forums… VPN players don’t deserve a way back in. You guys could have got your point across without being toxic. VPN use is strictly forbidden in their ToS.

TOS knights is here , let them be the ags employee, they deserve this rights , now ags can make mo money from bots, congrats

I’m just going to leave this here.