Use any equipable gear as a skin (Transmog)

Basically transmog. Levelling up and getting new gear doesn’t feel very rewarding, honestly my character feels so OP that I don’t even feel like I need new gear (done a hard dungeon, never been there before, it was so easy) and visually, 90% are recolours. I found one of those hidden dungeons and looted some armour that was actually a new model and not just a recolour but it was worse then what I had. Honestly, when you feel OP from the minute you start and visually you don’t notice much change… where is the progression?

Allow us to use any gear, that is equipable by our class, as a skin. However, please do not take this idea and charge real money for some sort of transmog stone! Charge Silver and call it a silver dump.

It seems like a very basic thing to add that would feel like we have some customisation and to a certain extent, progression.

On top of all of that, the store currently has 2 skins and until they are account bound I won’t be spending a penny on them.


Yes, every visual piece of equippable gear should be available for display only gear slots. Skins are nice because they encompass all pieces but if you want to mix/match, just having visual slots is the best thing.


if is possible to use any gear how you think they can sell skin to make money and support the game?

1.5million founders packs were just sold i think they have enough money for now

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By putting outfits in the shop to buy.
The fact that this game launched with like 1 skin box in the shop is kinda ridiculous.
Armor doesnt stop the sale of outfits when there’s things like KPop suits, summer bikinis, crazy styled themes, and other non armor aspects outfits.
BnS is living proof that you can have any outfit be a peice of armor, and yet still sell an unbelievable amount of outfits to people who are vanity freaks.
Take it from someone who has 200+ outfits in Blade and Soul, and 3/4th of the cash shop outfits.
Ingame reskins do not stop the sale of cash shop vanity.


Exactly :+1:

By making and selling cash shop skins that are actually good and more appealing than the armor available in game? That’s what they normally do in these scenarios. Are you new to MMOs? Quote failed*


Easy. Make an item players can buy for crystals that converts a piece of gear to a skin.

By making the cash-shop skins more unique and interesting.
The sorceress ones for example? IMO piece of trash…

No no no no no. Please no. Buying skins from the store is on but paying real money just to use gear we pick up as a skin, it’s a greedy move. I have come across this in other games and it is a horrible idea.

They have no incentive to develop it without a monetization scheme. They want us buying the shop skins. It could be tied to Crystalline Aura though.

This idea is one I actually like, if you could only use transmog while you had Crystaline Aura, it would make it a LOT more appealing to buy.

I think the alternative would be that you had to buy some sort of transmog stones with premium currency which I personally hate. They are normally way too overpriced and only worth buying once or twice at end game. By having it tied to Crystaline Aura, it would transmog affordable while levelling which is nice.

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That would be great. I loved the look of certain past armours.

Yeah… customization is abysmal in this game, and I don’t see them fixing that anytime soon, and not without some convoluted system over system over system that tries to scrape even the tiniest bit of gunk from the bottom of the trashcan.

Do yall not use the gear storage spot in your storage? I have both sets from t1-t2, thinking about doing it for t3 but tbh the leapstones from the mats are super nice.

Ive mixed and matched teir sets, skins, and some leveling gear on my alts. Made some cool looking sets.

Yup. In Path of Exile it’s called “skin transfer”. Pretty cool. Costs 5 bucks for 10 transfers. The origin item gets destroyed in the process tho.