Used a stronghold structure and lost guardian stone

Name in game: Masterofgod
Server: Avesta
Date: 2022/02/22 Around 20hours
I used a stronghold structure i received from a quest when i was in my stronghold. When i consumed it a message appeared like usualy i accepted it and at the same time i lost 7684 Guardian Stone Fragments (bound).

I made a ticket about this to report the bug and get back my stones. Here the Answer.

I don’t understand why i can’t get my stones back when your technical support saying i lived an issue from the game. This is kinda crazy that cause of a bug i loose stuff in game and you guys from technical issues can’t recover those items. I know better services from other compagnies that even if its the player fault they give one chance a year. So why is it impossible? Also why i got confirmed living an issue and dont even recover my stuff?

I will add a suggestion about deleted items in the game. Maybe you should add an trash can with a limited of time for players to be able to recover their items deleted by error or from bugs. Like maybe a 7 days time to be able to recover. Thanks have a nice day.