Used Instant Complete Una's task and the task not completed


I’ve used up two of my instant ticket on the same task. And it will not update and stuck at the 70/80 for “An Archaeologist’s Request” and also on all three of my alts and same result. All of these toon are on the same roster.

Is this bug or a feature so we can waste our instant ticket?

Thank you for looking into this.

I’ve experienced the same thing -

this was the 3rd time I tried this one… :frowning:

Sorry to see this has happened to you, jimyb3.

Did this happen on your main character? And what is their name/server?

You can only get reputation for an Una’s task once per day. Even if you do the same task on an alt, reputation progress is only counted one time. In that screenshot, the blue heart is check marked and greyed out. That’s your reputation status. You’ve already gotten reputation for that una’s task.