Useful Islands to Visit


hopefully this will be useful for you new pirates out there!

Islands offer quests with sometimes very lucrative rewards. we’re going to look at some of the islands that rewards you with upgrade materials for gear honing. These allow you to increase your character’s item level much faster.

On a side note: You must reach certain item levels (iLevel) to unlock new islands. That’s why this is grouped by iLevel to make it easier for you to find your way around.

You can type in the island names in the map (in-game) at the top right and the map will show you where the island is. That should help to find everything easily. Also by pressing Alt + Left mouse button on your map it will enable automatic travel with your ship!

Islands from iLevel 250

~ Dreamgull Island
~ White Wave Island
~ Starlight Island
~ Panda Island
~ Peyto
~ Turtle Island
~ Toto Silver Island
~ Tortoyk
~ Revelry Row
~ Serenity Island
~ Shadow Island
~ Glacier Island

Islands from iLevel 460-600+

~ Twilight Isle
~ Sublime Island
~ Isle of Yearning
~ Atropos
~ Fermata
~ Aiwana Island
~ Liebeheim
~ Island of Runaways
~ Distorted Island
~ Gravis
~ Hypnos’ Eyes
~ Twilight Island

Most of these islands comes with purple quests associated with them, reap those rewards and get your gear in check! \o/


It’s so exciting! Thanks for the information.

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Are all of these repeateable by alts? Sorry if i’m asking too much

I believe the purple ones are only available once unfortunately. :woozy_face:

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