Useful Lost Ark Links & Resources

Greetings all! @Laufie had me thinking of creating a post with a lot of the more useful Lost Ark resources to help new players and veterans alike in finding what they need!

Note: Happy to update this and view this as just a start. These are just the resources I myself use. Reply in the comments and I’ll check the sites out and add them to the list.


Community Discussions:

First Impressions/Reviews of Beta:

Discord Links:

Youtube Resources / Content Creators:

Content Creators w/ Lost Ark Playlists:

Other Resources:


Great compilation, but more formating in your post would be great, to make i more clear and easy to navigate :slight_smile: GJ.

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Thanks! Any advice on the formatting? Will make a few adjustments to see if that is better.

Edit: Additionally, if any have better descriptions (that are succinct) for any of the above I’m happy to include those too.

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great list! happy to see Sywo and Saintone on there :blush:


yeah pretty comprehensive set of content creators there all bring their own flavor and expertise to the game. so happy to see some traction starting to take place for the game. seeing FB and IG ads…hyped.

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Here’s another website to kind of help with chances of rolling ability stones, imprint setup with accessories. It’s in Korean though.

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thanks good information for beginers

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Would folk find Lost Ark streamers useful on this list? Or any other links or info that folk would like added?

The Ultimate Map of Lost Ark that I know.
Lost Ark Map

Treasure Maps
Island Hearts
Hidden Quests
Hidden Story

Basically Everything is in this map.


I love more Papnika since they have both; map and islands footage.


There’s also this site with news and some guides:
Lost Arkive

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German Lost Ark Guides & News website : Unctura Ultima

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Added! Any other useful language sites? And should twitch streamers be added to the list?

Great share, keep it up! :heartpulse:

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Will do! As ever accepting any other links to add to it or ways to improve the list!

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Thanks for these. :slight_smile:

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Very welcome! Will do my best to keep these updated

Would it be useful to link to ‘First/Beta Impression’ videos for folk?

Great job! :sparkling_heart:

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Added in a handful of first impressions from the beta! If any have any others they’d like included (or any other links or such) be sure to post them in a reply and I’ll add them!