User warn/termination regarding macro/bots

Recently it has been evident that macroing and botting has become more noticeable in lost ark.

I believe that its gotten so bad, that in fact in every corner I look at, I see someone macroing or botting to avoid an afk kick from the game. It is an unfair advantage at some degree. But, I believe that like every mmo, botting should not be tolerated, and macros which include more than one key, as per say black dessert, should also be bannable. However, since amazon did not include this in their TOS, a warn should be put in place for everyone using those programs currently.

Is this like the folk in New World screaming bot when most of the time its just players ignoring these clowns worried about a little iron ore? The amount of times I had people following me around thinking i was a bot hilarious. must like to RP as mall cops or something.

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You sure they are bots?
I sometimes sit there for a bit and give my toon a nudge every now and again if I am away from the keyboard for more than a few minutes…

Im not a bot…so…

im pretty sure amazon can realize if someone is using a 3rd party program or not… :stuck_out_tongue: , sr meant to reply

pretty sure bots are not tolerated. That being said they are also a pain to eliminate without adversely effecting normal players. Report them when you see them. About all we can do.

as for normal players using macros to avoid getting kicked this is some what difficult to detect since its essentially mimicking normal inputs. Not impossible but as with botting the more strict you get the more likely you are to adversely effect users that arent doing anything wrong.

I think a simpler step for them to take would be to reduce the auto logout time from an hour to 30 minutes. doesnt really solve either of those problems but it would help with queues alot I think in servers where that is still a problem and thus reduce the “unfair advantage” as you put it.

I believe if black desert can do it, amazon can do it as well. It’s not impossible ^^


oh god that is terrifying lol

I saw a few of them earlier but nothing like that

yeah its getting worse, that’s why Im mentioning immediate actions xD.