Username forced to be changed

i cant log in until i change my username in game. “BottleNMaryJ” is deemed inappropriate and breaks code of conduct it says.
weed is legal and taxed were i live.
Bottle is a bottle. it doesnt specify whats in that bottle.
you censor skins and now usernames? totally understandable if it was a derogatory term or actually inappropriate. there are way worst names in game but mine is deemed inappropriate.
bots are still running around and playerbase still milked for money.
im one of many people wrongly targeted over a name, instead of fixing your game and communicating with your community you just focus on irrelevant stuff and continue to show your lack of respect for your players.
i just figured id toss my opinion into the void so the forum warriors can defend ags. have fun yall theres alot of games out there im gonna go play. “bottlenmaryj” is and has been my username on new world since launch, why havent i had to change that account name? its allowed on twitch aswell, and youtube and steam. but not lost ark? my lost ark journey ends at just over 600 hours. peace!

Most MMOs don’t allow drug references in names. You probably got away with it in New World because people in that game have bigger issues to deal with.

It was stated by CM that popular drugs names or other illegal things like this are not allowed in names.

Sad but they censored the name “Blackburn” which is literally a place in the UK, a famous football team, amongst other things… No clue how they keep ignoring the filter like this in a mature rated game.

Could be worse atleast they let you change it. Other mmorpg’s ive played they either Ban the account or they make the name “ForceModified” I had a great name in tera before it got force modified it was Floppy.Don.Keydic It just doesn’t have the same ring ForceModified55

Yeah I had a friend in GW2 whose account name went from some vaguely lewd to Runty Choir. Was a great source of amusement to everyone else though heh heh

I’ve seen some dude today in T3 with some medicine/drug name. Can’t remember which but it sounded like a benzo.