Using the founder packet box with the wrong character

I used the bronze founder pack on the wrong character can i get the pet back on my main character?

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Hello, @C3saRR

I’m sorry to hear about this inconvenience with your founder pack.

I understand you already redeemed the founder pack with the wrong character, unfortunately at this point there is no option to move the founder pack to a different character.

Have a wonderful adventure in Arkesia


Hi @C3saRR, welcome to our forums!

As my colleague says, the pack and individual items redeemed cannot be moved , however, some items such as the pet/mount/crystalline aura are account bound, which means that you will have your pet available for your different characters in the same server!

I hope this information helps!

Enjoy the Ark week! :sunrise_over_mountains: :sailboat:


Are you sure the pets are account bound? I had the same issue as this other person, however my pet is not showing up at all for the new server that I have made a new character on.


Hi there everyone, I hope you are having a great day

@CaptainChunk I do apologize for the misunderstanding, I think what my colleague was trying to say is “items from your founder pack are account bound”.

However I have to clarify once you claim an item such as your pet, it cannot be accessed from another character if the second character is from a different server.

Of course, you will be able to access your pets from any character if it is on the same server where you originally claimed the item.

If you have any other question or concern feel free to ask me!! :slight_smile:


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Ahahahahahaha, “account bound” but can be only used on the same server? That is called “server bound”.

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Hi there @Yerco

I am not sure if there is a question there, just to clarify the “chest” you receive it is indeed “account bound”, you can redeem it on any character from your account.

Once you redeem the items from the founder pack, you can only access it from that character.

The pet is a special case as you can access your pets from any character registered on the same server.

Apologies for the misunderstanding.

@Stooh Once you redeem the Founders pack it is server-bound, you don’t have to open it.
I redeemed my pack once it sent me to the wrong server and I didn’t notice, cause there is no server name anywhere inside the game, and I haven’t opened it, but it is stuck now on that server!

This is exactly what happened to me yet apparently there’s no solution even though in any other game there would be one… What a joke.


Thanks for clearing that up. I just went ahead and purchased another pack, its not where I wanted to be but its all good.

Thank you

Hey there @CaptainChunk , it is a pleasure to help and I do appreciate your understanding

Also, thank you @Yerco and @wonswee for the feedback. Feel free to use the “Feedback section” for any other feedback you may have. Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

Do have an amazing week everyone, stay safe.


Video of the bug!!