(USW) Streaming free Velganos carries all day(4/16)!


Streaming free Velganos carries - just have to type in chat to enter. More viewers = less downtime between runs! :slight_smile:


You are free to attempt to help- but for safety reasons I will assume we will fail the stagger checks, and attempt to do the bites correctly.
Please leave the lights for me!

Thats it really. Welcome to win twice as it’s too hard for me to keep track but I would appreciate people practicing restraint to get more people in!

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Wait a second, isn’t this not a good thing to carry due to how the bite mechanic works?

You talking about when he grabs someone? Doesn’t matter. You get grabbed if you’re the only person at the boss.

bump :slight_smile:

deep sorc voice :sob:

Not true, we once had a guy who went back to camp to restock potions and he got the black orb, wiping the whole group

Bump, 8 runs so far still going :tada:

i was about to have a chat but then i noticed it was followers only.

all up to you obviously but you might want to consider turning that off i don’t like to be forced into following and i know there are allot of people that feel the same way

GL with the carries tho :smiley:

I’m sure there are some, but not a lot. Most people who know of twitch are aware that you can unfollow at any time after following and have no qualms about following someone.

But what you just said takes away the purpose of having a follow only chat.
its nice to gain followers but isn’t it way better to gain followers because they enjoy your content and chatting with you? otherwise they just follow to chat like you said and then unfollow thats 0 gains

Anyway we making this a Twitch forum now i guess, its up to him what he wants to do :stuck_out_tongue:

That is correct; and it’s the least I can ask seeing as how I’m spending 10+ minutes of my time to help!

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You’re right, and that’s something OP should consider but not what you said or what I was replying to. OP also has a point with what they just said above this post. As opposed to paying 500g for a carry or wasting time in a failed run, you follow and get a free successful carry.

i mean i wont pay 500G to start with but having some1 follow to just unfollow you after a free run doesn’t help him out in the long run.

My opinion: You follow because you enjoy X persons content not because you want to chat.
or want what ever from the streamer just to unfollow after you got what you wanted you see this all the time with giveaways and stuff like this.

But hey, its his channel like i said was just trying to give input

You’re assuming everyone who follows will unfollow and that if he removes the follow requirement that anyone would actually follow. That’s not a very reasonable assumption. The people going to his channel from this post or his in game ad are going for a carry, not for content. If they follow and enjoy the content after that, they may stay, if they don’t they’ll unfollow. If they don’t stay because they don’t want to follow, they would have been unlikely to follow regardless, and even if they did, someone so petty would likely not be beneficial to his stream’s chat.

I’m not saying they will all unfollow, i’m saying a follow doesn’t mean a returning viewer.
If X person follows because they like the content they much more likely to return then if they follow of a carry.

“The people going to his channel from this post or his in game ad are going for a carry, not for content.”

you just said it here, how often would you watch a streamer if it wasn’t for the content, assuming he is not just streaming so he can carry players, me liking his content and follow for that reason makes it much more likely for a person to return

For me its just the wrong order you follow after you enjoy X streamer not before.

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I’m not sure how much you know about Twitch, but when you’re starting out, you need follows more than viewers. There’s a minimum amount of followers, then a minimum amount of consistent concurrent viewers required to be partnered. It’s not really important to have all followers return, only about 5-10% is enough. Personally, I enjoy watching people fight difficult content and do carries, I follow 2 streamers who do those and actively check out their streams. It’s fine that in your opinion this may be “wrong” but your opinion won’t change how Twitch works.

Actually you need 3 concurrent and 50 followers for Affiliate.
Partner doesn’t require followers it requires 75 concurrent viewers over a month to be considered you apply and if they like your content you get accepted.

so yeah obviously you dont need every follower to come back its almost impossible to even have that, but gaining a follow for you and the content is definitely more worth it for the streamer.

Again, your information is not exactly incorrect but your opinion on this matter is subjective and frankly something that differs based on the streamer. This argument is actually not very productive to either of us considering we’re not streaming and it’s unlikely to impact OP’s decisions. I’m going to move on from this and wish you a wonderful day or night.


That’s because he engaged the boss…when people do the carry everyone afks at the start