Valentine's day event?

So curious will there be valentine’s day event coming for Lost Ark ???

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I dont think so unless they add soemthing from Neria themed to it, take into account they are releasing anniversary stuff right next week, so is there is anything planned, we will see next week

Maybe some heart-shaped things in the next release… maybe some more heart emotes?

I wouldnt mind some heart patterns so I am able to color my skins with hearts.
:heart::heart: :heart:

Maybe. But you gotta watch a 1 hour or a 4 hour stream. Gotta make AGS wallets feel loved

We must check if they had it on Korea in any given time. I don’t want more mokoko skins…

Looks like ALL other MMO’s having valantines day event and not Lost Ark ;( really sad

You can get plenty of love if you come to the Regarbank Great Plains!

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