Valtan announcement... Bots? What bots?

Come on, we all know they are working on the bot issue. There’s really not much to be said until new things happen.

They did acknowledge the situation days ago, they cant work up a solution in a mere few days and boop bots gone.

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Why do you guys care about bots? They help us by reducing price of everything, isn’t that a good thing?

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Lock servers with massive queues from new players.

Oh, totally forgot about that, yeah that sucks then.

This was a game content reveal for the May Update, which is why it didn’t include any information about bots.

Botting is something we are highly aware of, is highly visible, and are actively working to combat. We’ll share more updates on that front when we have them, however that particular type of information (top issue) isn’t part of a content reveal.


them bots dont matter, give raid, lets have fun and play lost ark now, because for the last 3 months we’ve just been playing ark, now its lost ark

Bots do matter. Half the servers have to wait in 3 hour queues to play because AGS lowered the server capacity and we are over flooded by bots now.

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To be honest with you I am not even excited about this update because everywhere I look I see a bunch of these guys and you guys keep saying the same thing over and over but there is not even a little improvement. It just gets worse by the day and the answer is only the same.


They tried something last week… and people pitched a fit…

They are working on it… it is not an overnight solvable problem…

Youre that stressed over bots? Something you cant control? Damn

thats unfortunate, glad my server is dead i guess, no queues

Get out of the newbie area

RMT RMT RMT, then complain about bots lel

Does that look like a newbie area to you?


They cant. Have you ever played an MMO with 0 bots? Grow up kid

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Bots always have been and always will be, an on-going battle. This is true for every MMO and doesn’t need to be highlighted in every content reveal. Not sure what people expected, them to give information about efforts to combat bots in May, thus giving bot coders time to prepare?

If anti bot measures are being employed, the best strat is probably to not announce them to the RMTers that would be arranging counter-measures.

Just make everything in T1-T2-T3 Roster bound, so only way bots can earn gold is through Argos raids and higher, once real players reach content that can earn gold, they cant just list an accessory for 100k gold because most of the playerbase isnt there yet. Provide more events and more Roster bound materials for T1-T2-Early T3 progression, and remove player trading until they cleared Argos, because you wouldnt need anything extra before that.

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That is a newbie area and most of the advice for combatting bots here on the forums is terrible