Valtan compensation for south vern bug?

So today i finaly did it …1415 ! after wasting lots of gold and ressources to get the 1415 before the reset and get valtan done i learned that you HAVE to clear south vern to get his quest but the quest line is bugged !!! So im losing a week worth of rewards while all the whales who previously got 1415 and completed south vern were able to do it? -_-
I really hope AGS is planning a good compensation for this and seriously should of tought about removing that quest requirement to acces valtan if it’s bugged instead of just locking our progress.
(maybe just add the guide quest to our quest log as soon as we hit 1415?)
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It’s crazy how they haven’t fixed this yet.

my main and alt couldn’t even progress because of south vern :)). i dont expect much on compensation. Just thousands of people’s progress are on hold because of their mistake(And im one of em). So they better give a good compensation after South Vern been fix.