Valtan disconnect lockout

Hi, me and my group were doing Valtan and while taking a break, I was away and got dcd. I couldn’t log back in on time and got kicked out of the group, now I lost my entry count.
Could I, please receive a ticket so we can try to do it tomorrow.

Many thanks,

Server EUC - Nineveh
Character name - Megaphy

Hey @megaphy, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m sorry to know you got disconnected while in the middle of a Valtan run.

The current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server-side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects.
This means that, if determined that the disconnection you suffered was caused due to a server-side issue the delivery of the ticket can take up to a day and the appropriate ticket will be automatically delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives.

If you have any other questions let me know, be safe there!

It was legit verified crash…She doesn’t had any internet or game issues…Literally we were doing a 5 min pause and it droped her…While loging back the game auto kicked her…This literally screw our guild run and should be legit removed as we go in as a full guild. Now we rely on ur ticket to come (which no 1 know will it happen or not). Today is our last free day to try and we can’t do it witout her, no 1 likes Pugs to waste your time,right? So,please hurry up and do something about ir @Santoryu . Not to mention that at the Siege I WAS stucked with a party window on my cursor and coudn’t move…Guess that’s again our fault…


@Santoryu Given the amount of posts on this issue over the last couple of days, majority of the players who suffered a disconnect (including myself) did not receive a re-entry ticket.

It is widely known that the servers has been unstable over the past couple of days as myself as well as everyone I played with, have been suffering as least 1-2 disconnects per day.

I think this is quite an important issue that needs to be looked into, understand you guys are doing what you can to remedy the server side, but from a player perspective, those of us who suffered a lockout due to server instabilities, many of whom have been looking forward to Valtan and may have spent money to get there, it’s a real disappointment for them to feel punished due to Amazon server issues.

As you can appreciate, in a game like Lost Ark, weekly progression is important and missing out on Valtan drops for a whole week, especially during week 1, can feel extremely demotivating for many players.

If you can please take this feedback and see what the studio can do to compensate the players who have been hit with this unfortunate issue.

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Hi! I wanted to kill Valtan Hard Gate 1 Boss on week 2, but i was disconnected from the game. I logged back as soon as possible and saw that the Boss was dead. I didnt get loot,gold or anything and i was not able to click on bonus chest either. I played song of escape since the team didnt want to do gate2 that night and i hoped i will get a ticket to try it again. The game took my entry count and it says i completed Valtan and also i cant join Gate 2 parties. Since the game shows that i completed the raid i knew that i can wait 24 hours to ticket, it wont come anyway. I writed an email to Amazon support and I got the answer they sent to everyone when there was a problem with valtalt due to maintenance: the ticket can arrive in 24 hours and they cant do anything with local internet issues… I was very angry because they didnt even read my problem just sent a copy pasta back to me as soon as they saw Valtans name i guess. I replied that my problem is not about the ticket and the maintenance and im sure i wont get ticket since the game says i COMPLETED the raid. They answered with the SAME copy pasta message about the 24 hour ticket wait and maintenance. As a player who spent 1000+ hours in your game and spent money on it i felt like they dont respect me at all and i was very upset. I said to myself nooo way!!! you wont swipe me under the carpet like that!!! I opened a live chat support with amazon and i saw the same name SERGIO who sent me the second copy paste email. I writed down my problem again and he ansvered that Unfortunately they cant grant rewards or re enter tickets manually. Even if they send me an other ticket manually i wouldnt be able to do the raid again since it says i COMPLETED it. So i asked can they reset my whole weekly entry? so they dont need to add or remove or do anything with ingame items. the ansver was: No, Unfortunately resetting weeky entry is not something they can do. I asked Will somebody help my problem or look after it? should i log out untill they try to fix it? or what can i do to make this easier? The ansver was: They are sorry but i need to wait next week untill i can join this event again! I said its not acceptable and i want to talk to somebody who care about my problem and at least try to find out something to help me. He told me: As i said, we cant help you with this problem. is there anything else?? or i will close the session. This is not professional and not acceptable at all!! I dont know what kind of guys are sitting behind the support accaunts but i feel like they dont have any power or knowledge to help me. Not a single question about how, when and what happened. He just said no to everything and wanted to finish me as fast as he can.

What can i do at this point? any ideas?
Thank you for reading it guys

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