Valtan Entry Count Bug due to Maintenance

Group and I were doing gate 1 of Valtan raid when we got disconnected due to maintenance. Now I cannot join/start a new valtan raid because I’ve exceeded entry count, although I haven’t completed gate 1.

Any tips?

amazonian not gonna give free Valtan re-entry pass

Check out the dev tracker, no tips, only wait. btw I lost gate 2

Unlucky. This is very disappointing since I’ve been grinding every day since release at this point to reach the ilvl required to do Valtan. I was looking forward to it and hoping it was all worth it, just to miss a week of lockout due to this.

Hello @indighoul,

I’m very sorry to hear about this disconnection during Valtan.

We understand that situations like this are very frustrating and that’s why you normally will get the restoration ticket on your game mail, unfortunately yesterday the hot fix was announced before the maintenance was done, and the restoration ticket will not be sent for this cases, we apologize for this inconvenience, we recommend to be on top of the news section here on the forums for future updates.

I know is not what its expected but our devs will give away compensations for this that you can check in the following post made by one of our CM’s regarding the hotfix from yesterday.

Thank you so much for being such a valuable and invested player!

Have a nice day a see you in Arkesia! :leaves: :dagger:

lol, you really shouldn’t link to a post about compensation consisting of a few potions. Can you at least confirm for us that this is not a bug and the intended game mechanics. Like if you are in a Legion Raid when a maintenance comes you will lose your entry and that is the intended game design?

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Why didn’t AGS include this information in the server maintenance message? Tell us that if we’re in an instance when the servers go down for maintenance that we will be completely locked out even if we didn’t clear it or get loot

How else are we supposed to know?

My guild was in valtan hard gate 2 for 5 hours Friday/saturday until maintenance practicing and a few minutes before server went down we were sitting in the golden circle strategizing for finishing the clear the next day, when all 8 of us logged in the next day and tried to re-enter we stripped of any possibility of finishing. We had no idea of a maintenance prior to entering the raid and the in game message didn’t tell us anything about losing our entry.

The most anticipated release that the NA/EU Lost Ark version has had so far and tons of people are unable to go back in, just feels crappy. :confused:

It’s really hard to prevent something from happening that you didn’t even know existed.

I’ve raided in many other games up until maintenance and it’s never taken the uncleared lockout from you because you played the game at the wrong time.

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What a load of bs… so each time people jump into a dungeon or raid they have to check the forums / website first… you guys for real!? Unless yall trying to trash this game like you did with new world… in which case, well done…KEEP IT UP!

Thank you for being an invested player but no we don’t care about you. You do understand that a game itself being fun is not enough to keep players around right? We had 3 maintenance in 2 days, with a few potions compensation you are now taking away a Valtan entry when we did not really defeat Valtan. Brilliant operation. I am completely disgusted now after having all the drama that either Amazon or AGS have created. Am seriously considering leaving the game, and you good luck running a game like this.


Bro, I’m just wondering - What are you gonna lose if there’s a re-entry ticket send to the players who has disconnected from Valtan raid? In this case, if you keep running the game in this way, I think you need a operation staff for your planning department