Valtan - Entry Count Exceeded

Region: NA East
Server: Regulus
Character: Kamical

Hello, my group was doing Valtan on Friday around the time server’s went down with maintenance. We planned to raid again tonight and while trying to enter the raid we can no longer enter. We have not received any re-entry tickets. Really would like clarification on if this is something that is getting fixed and if we’ll be receiving re-entry tickets.
Thanks. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


Hey I have been following this all day. Many guilds are in this same situation and we have gotten a variety of answers from different community managers. The consensus is that we will not be receiving re-entry tickets as the current way the system works does not cover disconnects due to maintance.

Nothing will happen tonight, but one CM said he would talk to the devs about this specifically on Monday so we just need to wait for that. My guild is trying to schedule another run for Wednesday before weekly reset to give as much time as possible but I really don’t have much hope it will get resolved that quickly.

Yeah this is kinda messed up. Unscheduled maintenance on a Friday night on the week Valtan drops…

A maintenance that was not needed… that didn’t fix anything important on the weekend of the 1st legion raid and they want to come out and give us this kind of response is going to make it a easy decision for people to leave the game. It’s just a bad business decision not to have this fixed asap.

I need to have someone looking into this. We were dc’ed on Friday due to maintenance, and then the next day we woke up realising entry exceeded. We went to support and went to the forum, and they are telling us to wait for 24 hours for a ticket to be sent as this has been automated. But NO. After 36 hours of waiting nothing arrives our mailbox. I just want to know if you are fixing this or not? @Roxx @Shadow_Fox