Valtan etc. Question

Ayo guys,

quick question … i just hit 1415 … i just have 1 alt at 1340 but i don’t rly play him…
my question now im valtan ready but nobody really accept me for their raid (im a sharpshooter) means i can’t really do valtan atm so i have no weekly gold income through abyss raid anymore so what did you guys do to get in a valtan raid … it might be the reason that im a sharpshooter but its a bit frustrating … :confused:

any tips ?

Are you on euc? If you are i can take you when i do valtan normal on my alt :slight_smile:

Matchmake. Seriously. Even if you don’t clear anything, it’s good practice. Practice you will not get if you get rejected inPF.

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Also, what are you stats, engravings, and gems? Gatekeeping is real at this stage. People want contributing members.

It’s not your class thats likely the issue.

What are your engravings and battle stats? You need at least 3x3 for Valtan.

i don’t run the casual stuff tbh i don’t like the mainstream builds i like to do my own stuff i run 3x3 + 2 / loyal companion / ghost absorb & supercharge i do decent dmg, not mvp but i don’t mind it tbh i run lvl 5 gems only cause i sell the others crit = 1100 and swift 200 or 300 atm

Not entire your class but it is a huge point ^^
I play SS too and they dont even take you with 3x3 on normal, you need 4x3 even if the 4th is spirit absorbation, some dumbos just wont to see that 4th engr no matter what.
I responded to that problem with overgearing.
Made my weapon + 20 and now its no problem at all. kek

might be a problem with your specs, gatekeeping becomes a big thing at this point

Im pretty good when it comes to mechanics and patterns etc thats not the point i even tried matchmaking but it takes way too long or never

Okay then i see the problem… if you go with that you wont find partys easy trust me.

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its so sad … i run 3x3 + 2 i … but seems like i have to grind for relic gear ._.) and get to 1445 somehow with just weekly farming

best solution is to make your own group, this really requires you to know all the mechs (including cheese gimmicks with sidereal) and u shouldn’t have a problem, its a sh*tty solution but its the best way to avoid gatekeeping

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But my friend if you rly run 3x3 with LC, SPirit Abs, and super charge you cant be suprised you dont find a party.
You have 2 dmg angravings and 1 utility and 1 out of those 2 dmg engravings only works on 1 or 2 spells… you rly need at least 3 dmg engravings.
Go LC, Hit master and keen blunt or smth else with dmg.

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Make it 4x4 if you are pugging.

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If I’ve learned one thing from LA, it’s that if you can’t get accepted to PT

  1. over gear,
  2. and if that doesn’t work, make your own PT
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i mean who would wanna join me thats the thing haha ^^ i tried that too but just 1 apply after 10 min i’ll prob just farm up and get to 1425 or 1440 without valtan i think and try it then

Also this will last you through to HM Valtan too

I see the reason here. 33 is enough. If u have some pheons ( you should have since u have only 1 alt ) , Make a 33 legendary build. Or 4*3 relic build for now.
Super charge / spirit absorption ( 0 damage increase ) isn’t best for you.
U go hit master / keen blunt weapon and ur class engraving . trust me you will get in to a group. That is my suggestion. But U have some more engravings u can try out. grudge if u can survive. which i don’t suggest for u for now.

legendary 3*3 is cheap as hell now. Don’t worry

increasing your ilvl is not really gonna increase your chances of finding a group in the future, best thing to do is to work getting a 4x3 or 4x3+1 (with the relic accessories)

I will try with relic acc now but tbh the 2 spells are the most powerfull ones for ss, arent they ? but i will try its just impossible to get good relic acc cheap haha ^^ and i dont wanna waste pheons now for legend acc