Valtan forced me to spend money

This really sucks. I have no self control, make terrible financial decisions and am very susceptible to gambling addiction. Please make special exceptions for me that applies to everyone and slow down content patches then remove all forms of monetization from this free to play game. The devs and publishers don’t need money, they’re all millionaires. Don’t add an ark pass that gives free materials then also allows us to spend more money for content or I’ll be forced to spend. How am I supposed to play end game content on day one then have nothing to do until the next content patch if I don’t spend money to advance right now? Why am I stuck at 1355 and forced to play the game’s large array of horizontal content when I’d rather be honing 24/7, hitting that rng every chance I get to tap instead of stocking up on materials? Why is this monetization so predatory that I feel that if I don’t pay $$$ to reach Valtan day 1, I’ll never be able to participate in this permanently available and relevant content. I won’t be replying to this post because I’ll be busy making a big superman flashlight to shine in the sky. Somebody saaaaaaave me~


Its batman, not superman who has a sign in the sky.


Instead of slowing down content it is wise and smart to give more events for mats and resources for active players similar like the racing event that going to end on maintenance.
Give more boost so players 1370+ can get to 1415 without spending


Well yeah millionaires they don’t really need more money, but there’s something called greed you know and people are never satisfied they always want more.

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Valtan forced me to spend money

The day I see someone spending money because the leveling process in the mid 20s had a cutscene that surprised them…


Just to clarify, this is satire folks.


What the… You are so narrow minded. You’re supposed to hit 1490 so that you are ready for Brelshaza. smh
If you don’t swipe to at least that point before South Vern comes out, this game might not be for you.


No, Valtan didn’t force you. Nobody forced you. it was your decision and please don’t blame others or even the game. This game is for adults who take responsibility for their decision, actions, and behavior. if you’re not an adult I suggest your parents remove your access to a computer. Also, this game is for 18+.
If you’re an adult maybe you can consider asking a psychologist to help you fight against your addiction.
Get well soon and come back, play with us.

You got everything wrong. Why stop at valtan 1440? Swipe to infinity and beyond!


Maybe read and understand he is being facetious.


Lol did valtan point a gun at you to swipe? Or you just want to catch up the swiper and just wanted to join them at same day when it launches

I did. And I’m sure his fear is ill-founded.

I can’t take this anymore. I’m out.


My response was satire. Since Valtan as a legion raid isn’t out yet, your only real encounter is during the Luterra storyline lol.


No one, whales:

Though it may be satire
The game suffers a bit with the “pulling the player in every direction constantly” aspect.

It’s not integrated too well.

Yeah, hitting a breaking point with trying to level alts, do all dailies and weeklies on my main, and do horizontal content. There’s almost never a feeling of fun, just duty and relief when it’s done. Guardian Raids are probably the single biggest pain point. I’m decent enough to slightly carry, but over half the teams in T1/T2 seem to just faceroll on the keyboard and then fail Guardians at 15+ minutes. That on repeat makes me really not want to play at all

I think you may have missed the sarcasm…


Probably you’re right. Can we see my comments as sarcasm as well?

Need to set a goal like today i went only 1 tap my weapon low on destruction stones and 4 taps on my armor . If i get it i get it if i dont i walk away, 1 month til voltan dude calmn down you see the KR players do it on all their toons and all they do is wait for t4 were goong to be on the same boat … why do try ro rush to try to sit and wait for months for new content. RUSH TO WAIT.