Valtan gold is great

My static is has been selling two bus seats since last week - Gate 1 Hard for 5k and Gate 2 Hard for 10k. 30k gets split 6 ways at the end, so I make almost 10k per run per week, and that doesn’t count the loot at the end, which sometimes sells for a lot.

Screw the gold gain from Oreha, I need to push more of my many other T3 berserkers up to 1475, makes no sense to trade the pittance you get from Oreha for more easy Valtan bus runs.

Can’t wait for Vykas. Bus runs all day.

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Weird flex but okay


Thx for sharing this important info…


Cool story bro.

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Don’t forget to keep us updated (no) :joy:


You should be a bus driver xd


Good stuff bro, keep making money while these poors cry about no way to make gold

I can smell the insecurity in this post.


Why do you have the need to flex here, you know SG don’t like bus. I also do bus Valtan HM, but i keep my mouth shut.

You think you the only one who has many berzerker to boost to 1475? I have 15 of them, 3 of them still at 1445… and my brother account too.

What would happened if they decided to kill bus, think dude, i have invested a lot in lv10 gems, don’t fuck us up.

I agree, we need more content, Vykas should be here already.


OMG you’re so amazing! Can I get an autograph?

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That’s really interesting thank you.

I don’t think anybody asked for anything.

According to every source I’ve heard bus is the most commonly accepted thing in Lost Ark KR, so I don’t know how you drew the conclusion SG don’t like bus

And why you have to boost? Are you broke already?


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But it’s a problem. Which is why every raid after valtan has “anti-carry” mechanics.

Bruh, KR streamers sell Vykas bus runs for thousands of gold every day. Hell, Stoopz got bussed through a bunch of Brelshaza Hard gates like… not even a week ago.

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they do have small additions but many of those raids can still be bussed

anyway side note to this
nice you do you
not sure why you’re posting it
overpriced but okay (I’ve seen it for a fraction of that which is more realistic)