Valtan hard but no Vykas?

So i want to make this post to hopefully get some attention to the fact that we are skipping a legion raid by releasing valtan hard at 1445 and hopefully get AGS to send a message to SG about it and see if we can get some change? maybe… Also we cant complete new armor set unless we get Vykas… So here is a simple run down

1415 - Valtan normal
1430 - Vykas normal
1445 - Valtan hard
1460 - vykas hard

So as you can see above, we will be skipping one stepping stone that would give us a good amount of more content. Also it doesnt hurt to mention you need drops from all 4 of these legion raids to actually finish the relic armor/weapon set. some from each to be honest. So with only valtan normal + hard we wont just be missing armor and such we will be skipping a FULL +1… Meaning instead of +16 - valtan +17 Vykas +18 valtan hard… its 16 to 18… can i get the communities thoughts on this?

Thats how KR got it too. Give them time. They will release vykas after valtan.


this was how it was released in other regions too

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Oh is it how korea had it done? thats interesting (not being sarcastic just confused)

The answer to anything related to lost ark in the west is

“its coming, have patience. Dont complain it will. Mate, trust us, it will come. Just make 7 more alts mate. Do Lopang mate. Do Lopang on 16 T3 characters, you will have fun bro, the content will come bro”

Keep doing Lopang island, it is our content for now.


yeah. They release normal and hard together on every raid . Thats how every region got them. :slight_smile: And hell mod later.

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Doesnt being over ilvl make the raid easier? for example if im 1445 the 1430 raid wont be as hard? or does that not apply

Kinda. But i dont think 1 +1 makes a huge difference :slight_smile: on legion raids.
tbh they dont expect everyone to reach 1445 on valtan release. whales and hardcore players will do it. But they can’t do shit becaus without vykas u cant make relic sets.
So best advise and what I do is, i will hit 1430 and stack mats until they give a proper word about how vykas got released :slight_smile:

Maybe they will put the reduction lvl for each raid like when argos was release, but Vykas have a good wipe mech and she dont care if you have more ilvl, hahahaha i like that raid

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Thats true. Wipe mechs dont care about your ilevel .

Vykas was released after in Korea. It’s how it goes.

thats crazy to think they released a raid with a lower ilvl then the raid they just released xD interesting though

They released 1415 and 1445, but most are not expected to be doing 1445. A month later should be Vykas 1430 and 1460; that when you transition from 1415 to 1430. Or if you can do either of the hard modes, it’s there for you. So when you do get there, you dont need to wait months for new content. I think one good thing about LA is having content to aim for, but many western players feel that is a bad thing.

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in other regions yes valtan normal and hardmode were released same time with biakiss being released later.
valtan hardmode also does not really give all that much different than valtan normal.
you may get a bit more gold and relic gear but relic gear doesn’t really do much different since it doesn’t instantly jump your ilvl.
pretty sure only real difference is it has a new cap of 25 instead of 20 but nothing requires that much gear for a while.

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Appreciate everyones response and letting me know y’alls reasoning :slight_smile:

but if they give us content too fast people who play once a week won’t be ready in time!