Valtan hard mode is good

You can’t do it ? So what ? Did that affect you ? I can’t and will not do it yet, it doesn’t affect me at all, i will reach it someday.

Don’t be selfish guys, even the 1% of the game need to enjoy the content too.


It is true. Hard working F2P players deserve content too


hard working mokoko farmers deserve more g pressing too

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i have buy all the pre order pack but i’m still F2P.

If you are under 500 € / $ you are still f2p this is ok !


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Honestly think anything under $1000 is F2P. $1000 isnt that much these days with inflation


didnt u said, that u go back to ff14 ? :rofl:


Yeah its ok !

True 1k is nothing u can get that in 1 hour obviously

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I travel between ff14 and lost ark, look not bad, no pressure only fun now.


That might be a bit too much. Not even Johnny depps lawyers make $1000 an hour.

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Then they aren’t working hard enough

I know i haven’t put in as many hours as someone thats 1445 nor money for that matter.
BUT i still want to make fat stacks of cash from valtan hard.
PLEASE DONT RELEASE BEFORE I’M READY!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
P.S im GS 1385 so give me 4 more weeks thanks.

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I’m neither unemployed nor willing to spend a lot on this game, I’ll buy skins I like and that’s about it. I don’t care if Whales get new content first, let them, I just want to have fun. That said any F2P who is ready for Valtan needs to have their account forcibly terminate. Get a job, blowing your own cash on LA is fine, but wasting my Tax Payer dollars on a F2P game is criminal.

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here this is the spirit !

reformed arc

its Okay, we can do valtan nm, and we have valtan hm, so that the whales don’t leave the game and we get some inspiration to continue raising ilvl, I think it creates more interest in the players

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Rage pas. t’attend toujours 1385? Tu va avoir du taff j’espère que t’as mis des gold de côté depuis KEKW

Je rage pas, j’avance calmement sur le jeu.


You can download a mod for valtan?

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i have edit, thanks