Valtan hard or Valtan normal?

Hey People!!

I reached 1445 and im wondering if i have to go for only hard mode of Valtan or also do some normal mode to get the legendary set. Does anyone knows??

I guess it will be hard the hard mode :slight_smile: but how hard? im not the best player in the world but im ok , i play Gunslinger so im wondering if the hard mode of Valtan worth the time and money to do .

Many friends sayin that is better to go for normal several times and other that you dont need to go for normal and focus only to hard because im 1445.

So does the time and money worth learning the hard mode without going to normal?

I will be glad if someone that has deeper knowledge than me give me a path.

Thanks and good luck to your honing people!

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You can only do 1 of them weekly, hard mode drops more quantities than normal.

i know i can do 1 of them , the questions are if the hard is super hard and doesnt worth the time and money to do and if the normal is needed in order to craft the legedary gear set for more damage to help out the hard mode and Vykas normal.

Do normal. You need 20 legy mats coz all DPS clasess play 2 legy valtan 2 relic valtan and 2 Argos… so by doing normal you are learning the mechs and get the mats for legy

you can either do hard only which gives you earlier access to your relic gear and quality upgrade materials but no legendary set which is arguably stronger than the 2nd cope relic set you would build
normal you will delay your first relic 2 piece but you get the beast power set 2 piece which is very strong and also makes clearing hard for the first time alot easier
personally im above 1445 and could do hard immediately but im going to do normal for 2 weeks with lower level friends because i want to help them and also get the beast power set for myself

both ways are valid

definitely don t listen to this. you dont NEED to have 2 piece legendary. you re cucking yourself if you pushed 1445 and do normal

this is some insane mentality

beast power 2pc effect is objectively better than salvation 2 pc, although yes you dont need it
but more importantly you are also not cucking yourself on anything because you have 3 legion raid entries per week so even if you arent done with collecting your 50 valtan mats after you finished ur valtan relic pieces then you will still proceed to keep collecting them for every week after until abrel releases, even when vykas or even kuku are out and if you care about the extra accessories then check the market for 5 seconds, there are already 6k pages of relic accessories so the few extra rolls you can gamble on arent statistically important either

you are peak fomo rn, its a valid choice to do either normal for 2 weeks or go hard straight up

You are 1445 just go for hard mode.

More everything and still fun cause you are not overlvl for that

No? Don’t project your class on every class.
Heck, 2 Valtan legy isn’t even worth if you can go 2 2-piece relic or 4 piece relic set. (Like Domination)

I did both normal and hard today with 2 chars.

Highly HIGHLY recommend doing normal first. Theres alot to take in and the mechanics are pretty much the same but just very unforgiving in hard mode if you make a mistake small mistake.

Have fun !

Hard mode man, if you are at 1445 skip the normal. People in KR dont get the legendary set they go from argos leggo set to valtan relic set.

Id look up what your bis(best in slot) is for your class and follow that.

if i cleared valtan hm with 5 pc argos, i can sure as hell clear vykas hm with 2 pc relic 2 pc argos. ur argument is pointless. you re losing 2k gold per week doing valtan nm instead of hard, thus cucking yourself.

Valtan hard pubs lacks support. Valtan normal has a bit more. If you are trying to pug valtan you may be sitting in a party competing against whales with fancy weapons for hours in lfg. Best of luck!

you are living off of scraps if you think 4k gold over the course of 2 weeks means anything, as i said peak fomo

To put simply:
Go hard or go home.