Valtan Hard/Normal should give more reward at least for main

I want to have Great Honor Leapstone, Red and Blue shard and stuff that would help us increase item level not just gold like with Oreha Hard mode. Should be more rewarding for the 1st clear on the week on your main char.

idk my main has more leapstones than i want to use on him

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Tbf it should give you 1490 powerpass

Are you using RMT or botting chaos dungeon? How do you even have a lot of GLS

They do give each of those items you are talking about.

i dont need them? thats why i have too many now.

Unless you stopped playing the game or swapped mains you always need them.

no i dont

But Valtan is literally the highest item level content out rn… Where are you pushing your item level to? Sheesh

Highest iLvl that makes sense to reach is 1460 for Vykas Hard Mode. But that being the highest lvl content in the game doesn’t mean you should do it at level. Parking your main doesn’t mean that you suddenly don’t need Leapstone. Can Promise you never have too many in Tier 3.

All of mine are but thats okay.

Item level andies just annoy me at this point. Grinding past a soft cap is harder than getting there oh no. I guess if it really matters you already know what to do anyways to get the mats. You just feel as if there should be more for some reason.

Going up is a steady process. Why smash your head against it now? Nothing is out

1460 would make sense tho. But isnt highest item level still 1490. Thats cutting it pretty close


My main i got problems with leapstones but thats cus i dont play on it enough. Technically my “main” is my lower level shadowhunter. 1340 but i still got 200 event/log in bonus leapstones eskettit

Yeah, My main is always in a deficit, but I have 1700 GHL on an alt, and I know that If I started honing they would disappear instantly with minimal increase in ilvl, yeah honing andies are weird, but I’m never under the impression of having enough Leapstone.

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Yeh probably just depends what you are doing. I know end of T2 it gets pretty lame with leaps. Thats where i spent most of my Una Task leapstones and shopping for em. Thank god they buffed it in Mari. 56 crystals for 40 is a good deal

And well as long as you know. Then if you get bad rng itd be “as expected” instead of an anger thing. Thats how i see it at least.