Valtan HM Crash Bug

Game crashed at Valtan HM 1st stage @ 7x and when i came back i wasn’t eligible to take rewards, Not eligible to do Gate 1 again and not Eligible to enter gate 2 .
please need assitance
Account name :Moohy (Item Lv:1477)
Server:EU West (Moonkeep)
Time of the instance : 23/6/2022 around (21:00-21:30) ST.
Thanks in advance


Currently there is no way to restore items or to give items to players. Because of a DC you got locked out of the instance. There is a small opportunity that you will get a Valtan run ticket refunded within 48 hours.

But only if it is server DC related, then you might be eligible for it.

If not, you will have to sit a week out.

If you are going with a team of friends, ask them to wipe to prevent the weekly lock out.

Please read this post for the full information about this:

Thanks alot for your reply and patience.
But actually i dont want to have any items at all i just want to have my chance to do gate 1 and to know why i’m just not able to even do Gate 2 incase game crashing on gate 1 . (whether i take my loot or miss it ) :thinking:

It’s a known bug, which they don’t prefer to fix it over the “bots removal”

it’s something people complain about for days, weeks.

Simple before you start doing a dungeon, Raid, or anything that cause a DC to be locked out always tell your team.

incase someone DC, everyone wipe. It’s shame to see someone getting saved for both gates cause of this bug.

There is almost no chance to get a ticket, as the game only refunds for disconnects that are server related and more people have issues with it. It’s currently poor design.