Valtan HM no rewards because of?

Cleared Valtan HM with my friends/guild. Game started behaving strangely around 8 bars left on gate 2. I’m sure I ended up dead while this was happening, but no big deal if I’m dead as long as the boss dies right? The boss stood in place and glitched in spot long after my friends told me it was dead. Following that, I waited 5-10 minutes before it was clear the game wasn’t going to unlock itself. I was not frozen, I could access menus but clicking on them didn’t do anything. Kind of a soft freeze.

I relogged and was able to get back in the instance, potentially because a friend stayed in for me. The standard raid end MVP screen popped up for me as usual.

(props to my guy windranger doing 27% dmg in an 8 man).

I thought to myself, sweet guess it’s fine. But when I went to the completed dungeon panel I had no rewards and could not collect the bonus reward. It says “Clear all the gates to get Scar of Abyss Chest Reward”.

But it shows both gates as cleared and Valtan is checked off on my weekly checklist as completed.


EDIT: I forgot to mention a fun additional piece. I spawn in off of the platform, unable to move aside from running in place! (You can kind of see it in one of the screenshots)

I’m really hoping to get my rewards. Even a entry refund seems a bit rough because I can’t do it with my friends and I’m not super motivated to try to clear the fight with random people, especially because I would only be able to do gate 2, since my gate 1 rewards worked perfectly fine, so it will be pretty difficult to get a group. I understand that in these cases with argos, even entry refunds weren’t always happening. It’s pretty disheartening that this is, for me, the only exciting content at the moment and I don’t get rewarded for the effort put in to be able to run it in the first place, let alone clear it. I’d probably only get drops of ether accessories anyway, but I’d at least like to complain because of that and not because of this.