Valtan Legendary Crafting

So i just checked legendary items i can craft from Valtan, and for some reason Demon Beast set is missing… Covetous Fangs?
So if my math is correct we are going to get Covetous raid soon, so we can complete equipment set?
Or is this a game bug?

Legendary AND Relic both have items split between Valtan And Vykas. Valtan drops Bones and Vykas that isn’t out yet drops Fangs. You can’t get more than 2-3 items from every set MAYBE 4 on some sets until Vykas comes out.

That’s why some people like me went Normal instead of Hard even though they’re 1445 ilvl because I’ll just get 2P Demon Beast from Chest and Pants and then go to Hard with already 12 Bones I got from Normal and in the 2 weeks of Hard I’ll get my Weapon and Head for Relic 2P while keeping Hands and Shoulders 2P Preordained from Argos. Since there is no way to get my Relic 4P or 6P cause other 4 pieces are from Vykas Hard and Argos only has 2P and 5P set bonuses.

So no it’s not a bug.

Ohh, so this is how it works.
Still it kinda sucks that you can’t get full 5piece set, and will not get it in near future.

There is no 5piece set. Legion Raid sets are 2P 4P and 6P.

Also in every other region they got vykas 1 month later…so by the time you get 3 pieces made from valtan it will be vykas time. You might need to wait 1 week on vykas

Oh shit i just realised this.
Thx for the info!