Valtan locked out due to eac offline, help

I got dc while doing valtan gate 2 on my alt character, EAC OFFLINE APPEARED and it direct me to select server screen and when i reconnect it appeared again but exiting the game so i reopen my game and try to reconnect as fast as i can but the pugs/groups im with. they already finished the raid and my entry locked out, this also happened to me last week and i submit a ticket regarding this and for the whole week i didnt receive any ticket restoration and now it happened again, i just lost my weekly gold income in this character for 2 weeks.

PLEASE don’t answer me about your automated system sending ticket restoration if its your client error/fault bla blah blahhhh because its not working please! its so obvious its on your game/side/fault.
and im sure 101% there is no error on my end and lots of players experienced this issue. send ticket… or just fix your system when player dc just set it to send immediately a restoration ticket also to avoid this kind of post and issues :slight_smile:


it works, wait a day or two
also stop bothering the team with stupid tickets like this, either pass it for this week or wait for automated ticket

imagine having to deal with hundreds of important tickets / false bans etc… and then this crap comes up

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you will get your ticket in 2 3 day usually so dont panic too much about it, atleast thats how it goes for me