[Valtan NA] Dishonor 42/46 lvl 9 guild almost lvl 10

-415 Gear score or close to grinding that milestone to do content with us.
-Full and very active guild looking to fill up our last spots 42/46
-Are very chill and fun group we get content completed every week on reset. Valtan/Argos. etc
-Alt carries and help if needed for new commers
-Any character is welcome
-Would like to recruit more supports as they are needed =)
-Discord is provided and would love to see you guys there but not mandatory. Makes clearing content easier
-Reach out to me in game. My IGN is “Pounding” “iivy” with first i being cap “Wangylord” or apply through game for guild “Dishonor”. Can also send me a message on the Forums

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