Valtan NEEDS to come in May Update

As a CM (I think Roxx) said people are getting near the 1415 ilvl. Weekly content so far is sadly not that big and many people on Streams, forum, reddit are crying for new Content to go for.

I think its pretty obvious for AGS/SG but just wanted to say the obvious, that its crucial to get the First Legion raid this month. I rly hope it works out this time (Also new chaos dungeon, Guardian Raid etc.)

I also kinda hope to get an update/kind of Roadmap what your next plans are? Do u want Vykas to be out asap (I think one month later would be good cause the jump after 1415 isnt rly high).

Imo things are currently… shallow? (If thats the right word for it). Like we dont rly know what to expect exactly in the next update/s and so on.


I would like the other half for South Vern as well if possible. It will be nice if we have the whole thing.

PS WTF was that release - half continent. Jeez, why not half price for pheons for a change.


Valtan, south bern chaos and stuff, normalized heroic guardian, abyss trials…

We have the right to dream right ?


Yeah, I’m ready for Valtan and I can’t wait, but it’s just another 1h of content weekly. Changes nothing if we don’t get everything else that’s missing.


I know right? That’s exactly what he told me. “If I don’t come at the May Update, imma lose my sht” he said.

His words, not mine.

See I said that at the time and people jumped all over me saying I was just ungrateful :frowning:

I actually wanted to let my main chill at 1400 till valtan but since they said they look at player progression I’ve quickly pushed to 1415


I like the reasoning : In korea they had the same content for 4 months so we should too !

And of course the famous “entitled” “child” “crying babies”

I like how you formulated your own opinion on what I meant and then used it to support your own narrative.

Like calm down it’s not that serious.

Valtan will come out when it comes out.

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Yea kind of annoying I had to push my main up instead of pushing alts and sitting with main at 1400. AGS needs their numbers tho so I obliged.

I’m sure AGS/SG are more focused on releasing content for the masses than on something that <5% of the population will be able to access. Releasing Valtan is far from the most important issue this game has at the moment.

On the bright side I have a full harem of alts farming greater leaps on the daily. So I will be able to afford relic accessories for my main without breaking out the “amex carry”

I feel the community is ready to accept Valtan considering the experience we had with how early Argos released. I myself was not yet ready initially for Argos but I welcomed it as a goal to work towards. Now I am 1415 as of today and would like to experience a new challenge.

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that’s this whole forum :skull: they could do a 1 month maintenance randomly and give nothing and people would unironically say they don’t even need to give anything


Not pushing 1415 until things are officially announced and planed, that’s for sure. So they better not delay anything because not enough are 1400+.

We have no real good reason to push 1400+ right now aside from some extra gold.

@Roxx as Ramza said, I hope u also take in consideration, that many many people actually hold off their mats when they are 1400 for example or use them for alts cause there is no reason to push further. Which is also really understandable.

Completely agree, while people might have thought argos was too fast, Valtan delay might have the same negative feedback.

Most people who invest time in the game are 1415, people who can invest money are way over 1415 and most are 1445 ready for hardmode.

We need deskaluda as well and South Vern chaos dungeon to progress in a better pace from 1415 onwards.

no, a lot of us struggling in 1400-1410 bracket

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And you should keep struggling for a few more weeks, even a month? So noone can play anthing because you’re struggling?

I’m struggling at 1420, no way I get 1445 before 19th, but I’m not selfish and I want the update asap. You have to realize everyone at 1400+ is struggling because we’re trying to get upgrades with 1385 mats. Velganos and P3 argos are doable at 1385, those rewards are bad even for pushing 1400, let alone anything beyond.

We’re stuck in the worst version of the game with nothing to do.


Valtan in May. Vykas in June. Kakul Saydon in August. Brelshaza phases in Sept-Dec. Elgacia by New Years. Next few months to catch up to KR, then we can have global events and we might actually have a voice in upcoming aesthetics and what we want in the future going forward.

Sounds like a pretty decent preview of a year long vertical content road map.