Valtan Normal Gate 1 Cleared during Surprise Maintenance

We were in a Valtan normal run and cleared gate 1 as the servers came down.

We are on the Regulus server with Magetottz on Galatur.

We all were not able to buy our bonus chest and do not know if we got the drops for clearing the 1st gate.

I was in a party with the following 8 characters.

  1. Explodestsun
  2. Ganjjwa
  3. Jyougasakimika
  4. Sundra
  5. Magetottz
  6. Pitchplease
  7. Jourlyne
  8. Monicafe

They’ll ask which server you are on.


Sorry to hear you ran against a problem and were not able to claim your rewards.

For now they don’t have an option to send a mail, or reclaim your missing bonus items from Gate 1 Valtan.

I recommend not doing any in game activities when there is going to be maintenance. This prevents you from being lock-out.

For now you will have to sit the week out. I’m sorry but it’s possible not the answer you were looking for.

Yeah, we weren’t warned until 60 seconds before the servers booted us. Vote didn’t pass in time.