Valtan orbs mech

Why does this mech fail so much? Is this difficult? I meet 1 or 2 out of 10 groups that succeed at once. Is this hard enough to fail?

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welcome to lost ark hope you like it here

rather ask yourself if you would enjoy doing valtan month after month… or if you would never do it again, which in turn begs the question why do it at all in the first place. legions raids are “fun”!^^

No communication in game does not help. If people would turn on the voice chat for raid/group i think it would be much better. Everyone seems to have there own discord but not everyone is in your discord.

That’s what happens when 8 random people come together to complete a common objective.

I sometimes wonder if I’m playing a different game from people. I can count on my hand the number of times I’ve had orbs fail in the last few weeks. Is it a regional thing?

i’ve never succeded first time orb in pu that’s like people can’t count at 8 or i don’t know what’s difficult with that ?

that’s like brelshaza first abyss dungeon last boss stagger check

The mechanic is simple sure, but it’s easy enough for someone to mess it up, someone delays for a second and messes up the rotation, doesn’t realize you can see the debuff counter on the boss HP bar, gets impatient and grabs to early…

These are pug runs man, you see all kinds of crazy stuff in pug runs lol

The problem is those people who never drove a car before are on the same road as those who had 20 lessons. For some it may be the first or second time properly doing the mechanic while others have done it 50 times before.

There isn’t exactly much split between a new player and a launch player in terms of content, so everyone is just slammed together.

That new driver doesn’t get the 20 lessons first, they get tossed on the road and told get us there asap or your out.

I’m not defending that bad players be bad, but sometimes it’s more than just they’re bad. Especially with these PP’s… V NM is like a Yoho experience now and soon Vykas NM will be as well

Then it comes down only to these who never got their driving lesson, with legit having no clue on how to drive a car, to join parties where they require people who KNOW how to drive a car, LYING to themselves and making everyone lose time

“I can do orb mech, I try to join 2x Orb G1 valtan lobbies”
“I can do orb mech somehow, but I am scared that others may not, so I join 30x orb 15x wei lobbies”
“I can’t do orb mech, so I look for 2x Wei or learning parties”

Then u have bozos that have no clue whatsoever that join 30x orbs or 2x Orb lobbies, wasting everyone’s time for no reason

I blame the playerbase for being legit autistic for lying to themselves and joining lobbies that far away from their mechanical skills.

Idc if people can or can not do the mech, it’s kinda sad for OLD players to not being able to, but at least be truthful with your own skill and join a lobby that matches it.

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At some point they probably got gatekept so many times they stopped reading the party titles lol.

You take what you can get in the dregs. You are putting far to much faith in the average person to think they would try and weight their own personal responsibility around which proper group to join

I legit dont gatekeep for valtan HM, even 3x3 I legit don’t care.

The only thing I ask in return, is to be truthful to the lobby title. If I ask for 2x Orb mech, make sure you are able to consistently do orb mech twice or else don’t waste my time by joining the lobby.

But westerner brain too smoge and too entitled at the same time so the community is doomed to become a lying fiesta and gatekeep autistic contest

Eh, you aren’t wrong.

From what I’ve asked, there are some people who are unable to kite the orbs while looking under the boss hp, there are others who don’t know there’s something you can look at under the boss hp, and if dps is too high, someone might have the other boss’s hp and be unable to see the buff count, and there are some who accidentally grabs the orb (gets stuck while running, runs into another person), while there are others who just continue running away since they don’t know which number they are on.

To you mean orbs at gate 1 or 2 :smiley:

Never saw a party doing at Gate2…

just block all the orb impostors so they can never see your party again. makes life so much better. it is usually ok if somebody acknowledge their mistake when a wipe happens but the people who clearly have no clue what they did wrong? yeah get rid of them.

honestly the issue is that people didnt take time to learn the mechanic when valtan launched and everyone was cheesing the mechanic with Wei.

Now what people over gear the raid by a lot and dont wanna have to wait 5 minutes to get wei up, they have to do the mechanic so they have to learn it.

if people took the required time to learn the raid properly when it was first released i doubt we would have so manny issues now with that mechanic.

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Most of the time, if it’s the balls and the 3 counters, it’ll usually be a fail :smiley: 2/10 success rate probably. Standard gate 1 orbs succeed maybe 8-9/10 times so I’m guessing I misunderstood lol.

If it’s NM, forget about orbs mech, the chance is marginal

Since global buff 1415, it seems completely gone. Before there were occasionally lobbies with the title “No Balthor run” aka Alt run. It was only good for a party with average damage or below, because you get enough time to get 8x balls and then call Thirain.

It’s pointless for a party with high damage, since you reach 128x life too fast before getting 8 balls in total. Today honing is easier than previous.


Orbs are hard it seems

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