Valtan pugg far too toxic after couple wipes

All I’ve realised by everyday tryna pugg valtan hm is this games toxic asf… it’s created in such a bad way I’ve spent thousands a gold now on pots and crystals buying battle items had over 300 pancreas and others before this update now running low … idm the costs and tryna learn but theres just always one guy who can’t take criticism or advice and then the childish bevauour kicks in and every run after rather than paying attention there’s two or three writing during the fight … Beyond words how bad this experience has become actually got no chance a getting this done but at least I one tapped +19 weapon today so I’m still happy even tho 3hours just went down the pan again

Personally I think this content will kill off alot due to what I’ve seen last 5days in random made groups but it’s great content for the ones in proper set ups ,comms discords ,guilds etc

You know what I am going to say don’t you? Make your own group? Befriend supports? Make a support? etc?

bring a pally bro

Panaceas you meant… Pancreas is a very different thing :joy:

Just get the purify rune, I never had to use a single panacea throughout valtan and we ran without bard or paladin.