Valtan Raid Bug, lost entry

Hi! I wanted to kill Valtan Hard Gate 1 Boss on week 2, but i was disconnected from the game. I logged back as soon as possible and saw that the Boss was dead. I didnt get loot,gold or anything and i was not able to click on bonus chest either. I played song of escape since the team didnt want to do gate2 that night and i hoped i will get a ticket to try it again. The game took my entry count and it says i completed Valtan and also i cant join Gate 2 parties. Since the game shows that i completed the raid i knew that i can wait 24 hours to ticket, it wont come anyway. I writed an email to Amazon support and I got the answer they sent to everyone when there was a problem with valtalt due to maintenance: the ticket can arrive in 24 hours and they cant do anything with local internet issues… I was very angry because they didnt even read my problem just sent a copy pasta back to me as soon as they saw Valtans name i guess. I replied that my problem is not about the ticket and the maintenance and im sure i wont get ticket since the game says i COMPLETED the raid. They answered with the SAME copy paste message about the 24 hour ticket wait and maintenance. As a player who spent 1000+ hours in your game and spent money on it i felt like they dont respect me at all and i was very upset. I said nooo way!!! you wont swipe me under the carpet like that!!! I opened a live chat support with amazon and i saw the same name SERGIO who sent me the second copy paste email. I writed down my problem again and he ansvered that Unfortunately they cant grant rewards or re enter tickets manually. Even if they send me an other ticket manually i wouldnt be able to do the raid again since it says i COMPLETED it. So i asked can they reset my whole weekly entry? so they dont need to add or remove or do anything with ingame items. the ansver was: No, Unfortunately resetting weeky entry is not something they can do. I asked Will somebody help my problem or look after it? should i log out untill they try to fix it? or what can i do to make this easier? The ansver was: They are sorry but i need to wait next week untill i can join this event again! I said its not acceptable and i want to talk to somebody who care about my problem and at least try to find out something to help me. He told me: As i said, we cant help you with this problem. is there anything else?? or i will close the session. This is not professional at all!! I dont know what kind of guys are sitting behind the support accaunts but i feel like they dont have any power or knowledge to help me. Not a single question about how, when and what happened. He just said no to everything and wanted to finish me as fast as he can.

What can i do at this point? any ideas?
Thank you for reading it guys