Valtan raid wait times

I know this is out of their control but there should be no reason that the valtan queues are over 30 minutes to fill and the only alternative is joining the parties that are bussing, not everyone want to spend their gold like that.

It’s cuz no one wants to play with unfixed DCs that have been happening for a 2nd week now, a broken patch and negative pheons. Everyone’s off, playing something else, taking their time off


Yes, today done some myself. Lobbies count dropped by a lot compared 3 months ago when i played before pause. Now majority of lobbies are bus (if its normal or so). But you can’t blame them with broken economy and bots breeding like rabbits or wild cats in Australia what else can you do but not look for extra incomes. 6 chars are not enough to comfortable play game as before.

Just waited something between 15-30mins. Only to do 3 pulls where someone dcd on orbs (different person every time). Games broken, but all the devs care are pheon profits.


what brings revenue? Legion raids or pheons. Gaming is now business not passion :smiley:


Well raids are buisnes for players and pheons for company

Gaming was been always a good buisnes but before it was been profitable for both sides as you could sink plenty of time for small money and usually got nice experience with friends and now its just p2w, overpriced shoops and predatory mechanics hiden under every button on top of gambling overusage :wink:

Before it was much more about passion. If you don’t believe it - watch interview with OG diablo creator. Why he made it, how the name came out. What they risked etc. Gaming is popular as it is now because people like that. Later on business man saw potential in profit from exploiting that and that’s how it become corporates with casino/p2w/paid benefits etc. P.S you know why old games where much better then majority of new ones now - before you f up and release mess (when game where in CD etc.) - you are done, GG or one step closer to going broke. Now - hype it for pre-order (sheeps on copium take bait even after multiple fails before), they get money and release mess with promise to “patch it up” or “fix it”. Sometimes they do like ff14 or CP or sometimes it dies out and nothing.

Im aware
Been playing games at that times :wink:

I remember when old blizz gave free days for server instabilities :slight_smile: something current corpos would not let pass as to big revenue loss :slight_smile:
Service got better over time to for sure but still :slight_smile:

Old baldurs/fallout games had so much polish for the time :slight_smile:

heroes 3, d2, stronghold and so on. Look how old the game are and still playable and amazing. When business comes here is not much passion. Look at D3, its pathetic how they made d2 remake and asked 60 bucks for 10+ years old game while d3 is much cheaper. They are milking cows/sheeps. Some day i hope people wake up and go - no cash till we get what we paid for. Not like promise - brings out abomination (person inhales deep copium about patching) and proceeds to be sheep.

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Anyways dont use Matchmaking for Legion Raids/End Game content, use Party Finder for that, no ones use matchmaking so queues will take forever.

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i always go with party finder and lobbies. Majority is bussing because of economy etc. Others few are with 0 gems/cards reapers (some has not even 1 engrave for valtan/vykas). And here is 1-3 normal ones with which i done some legions today.

Why queues are taking over 30mins to fill?
Are you waiting for support to babysit you?
How about full dps run?

People matchmake legion raids?