Valtan rant, I've had enough

Be me: 1415, 3x3. Solo player. I know all the mechs.

  • Try matchmaking - waiting forever to find a party, which wipes on first mechanic 10 times in a row and disbands. Although I can understand people being new and stuff, wiping 10 times on same mechanics is ridiculous.
  • Try party finder - get rejected from 90% of parties (even though you meet the party leader requirements). When you finally manage to get the party, people still die like it was their first time ever doing Valtan.
  • Try creating your own party - no one joins|

This was my second week’s Valtan: in the first week I only managed to do G1, because I couldn’t find a party that survives to x65.

Yesterday I managed somehow to find a party of decent people and as we brought him down to x20, I got dc’ed (my internet provider, unfortunately; I was alive at this point). When I came back, Valtan was already dead and not only I didn’t get the loot (which is kinda understandable, yet annoying), I am also locked out of Valtan for the week… and since it was my internet provider’s fault (not mine, nor AGSs) I won’t get re-entry ticket.

So yeah, I’ve had enough. It opened my eyes that I don’t really enjoy the game anymore. I’m burned out of doing the same 2 activities on 6 alts forever too keep up, with only twist being dungeons/raids once a week (which I may or may not be blessed to finish).

I have 65k gold and a lot of mats, which I’m gonna sell and make an in-game event of hide and seek - whoever finds me first gets the gold and I’m out of here.


Man I feel you, I’ll probably join a guild soon, doing Valtan with people you don’t know and don’t know you is hard as fck. Don’t want to be in the same situation when Vykas is out.

Playing this game alone is hard sometime, not impossible though, just hard.

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Are you in NAE? Im 1450 and was gonna do valtan with my friend that just hit 1415 to make his experience better. If youre interested in joining next week :slight_smile:

I’m on EUC, but thanks for the offer anyway :heart:


How do you have this much gold and youre 3x3 still?


A few reasons:

  1. It’s more than enough (according to some LA youtubers) to beat Valtan NM
  2. I’m switching mains, so it’s pointless to pump resources into my alt.
  3. My main is on 1370 atm, so I will be needing a lot of mats + I prefer big honing sessions instead of a small ones.

You nailed it. Some people really trying to force or require 4x3+ for a raid with no dps check.

Would offer to run it with you but I’m NAE too. The hide and seek idea sounds funny. You should do it on pvp islands to spice it up

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But he does have a DPS check, the berserk timer is tight if groups don’t have enough DPS and it can lead to a raid failure. (Not saying he shouldn’t be picked in parties tho)


The dps is not tight… it’s tight if not everyone is alive, which would fail you in a traditional dps check as well.

As far as normal goes… very lenient on beserk


It’s challenging group content, doesn’t matter what multiplayer game you play at a certain point it’s just not fun to be a solo players and enjoying content with others and succeed together is even more fun.that’s what MMOs are all about, you can still play elden ring or something similar.

Brother/sister you have all the right to be frustrated but i think in my perspective it is best you find/create a static group to do content with. Doesn’t necessarily mean friends, meet more people online and from the groups you raid with seek the people who actually are pulling through the content further and message them to see if they are interested on making a static group with you. You would be surprised with the outcome. Good luck on your journey.


The problem is, they can’t make the raid content easily pugable within a month of its release without it not being remotely challenging for a static.

I’m a solo player too for the most part, but I joined a static in advance specifically because I didn’t expect that I’d be able to matchmake endgame raids.

As far party finder goes, you get rejected because you’re a 1415 3x3 player, the only metrics party leads have to measure how much damage someone does, puts you behind many others that apply.

If you decide to pick the game up in the future, join a guild, try to find a static.

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Hey! Since you are on EUC, You can join our group.
We have a bunch of peeps doing Valtan normal (on alts) and on HM (2nd week in a row now) Lemme know if you are interested
We have a DC and a global chat

Unfortunately gate keeping for groups have become over the top, mainly because they want to overgear the raid and make things easier.

If your getting killed at 1415 then get more gear and engravings for next week. First Gate 1 should give you some rewards at least.

Everyone saying find a Static group or Guild is not very helpful, because finding them is just as hard, and even then you might miss out on main groups.

Don’t give up, and keep trying.

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Its clearly not enough if you dont get accepted to parties or people dont want to play with you

Dps population is overloaded, if youre a solo player why would a support “choose” To play with you instead of a 4x3 dps

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Its sad, party finder accept only over ilvl 4x3
Try to find a Guuld for static group

I’ve run Valtan a bunch of times as I have 3 chars to run it on (2 HM and 1 NM). Pugging is frustrating and getting a dc sucks. Here’s a few of my worst experiences with pugs:

  1. in an alt run with some friends and 2 pugs, one friend DCs in ghost phase exactly like you. We try to reset but the two pugs literally refuse, say “no” and then proceed to try and kill it. Thankfully we all just killed ourselves and they couldn’t finish it. One of them then got mad and tried to hold us hostage by afking. If I ever see someone dc I immediately do a restart vote, IDC if we have one bar left. Don’t be a dick.

  2. full pug. Me playing support. DPS is so insanely bad even though some people are above the min ilvl and 4x3 that I can just tell we’ll never clear it including g1. I politely say I need to go, they get mad and try to hold me hostage. Again don’t be a dick. If someone wants to leave for any reason, just restart and find a new player. Also it goes to show 4x3 doesn’t mean anythining if you’re bad.


Have you considered joining a guild and finding a static group to play with? Crazy concept, I know.

The problem is people can be picky with dps right now. Why would they take you when they have 10 ppl applying at a higher item level with better engravings. Also some groups are running normal with people at 1445 ilvl because people on ilvl struggle to find a group.

Only solution is finding a static group that know your worth to the raid beyond whats visible on your character page.

There are any lost ark discords you could join in an attempt to find a static. Stoopzz has a decent one and the offical lost ark one isnt bad either.

Failing that a low viewer count streamer around you ilvl is also a good option.

As a side note: why are you only 1415 now if you was 1415 last week? 1415 is not a recommended place to leave your main. You should be pushing to at least 1430 for vykas normal and to be more desirable in valtan normal.

Edit: seen your post explaining you was switching mains so ignore my paragraph above.

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linkee92, wich server are you in EUC ?