Valtan rant, I've had enough

Drops of Ether is my 4th engraving :slight_smile:
as a 5th i don’t know what i would realy benefit from. don’t need heavy armor as a paladin, vital hit point is not really worth it. and no movie speed, since i am already at cap with 2 valtan pieces

If you are thst good then take him in your group… because his main issue is that he cant find a group to play! Be his friend and accept him in your team!

hey man, if your still having issues I am on EUC central and can help. will even try and arrange a few guildies to come along if possible for help.

on my 1415 bard alt, I got rejected to a 1430 group. So I applied to another group. we kill Valtan in 2 tries.

Depending on the day and time it sometimes take a while to find a party, both for NM and HM Valtan, so just be patient I guess. I generally see a lot more HM Valtan when I’m playing.

But yeah, finding a party can be quite annoying sometimes. I haven’t done NM since I got to 1445 but I doubt it’s any different from Valtan HM party finder. From my experience of Valtan HM party finder some will only take 1455+/4x3 players while others will only take certain classes like sorcs, berserkers, blades, etc.

I’ve played with so many different classes and players at 1460+ in Valtan HM and let me tell you…there are a lot of pretty bad players just like in Valtan NM. The constant wipe because people don’t know attack patterns/mechs. The 2-3 wipe ragers and quit, the elitist 1460+ playing floor pov, and the toxic idiots who only knows how to flame others instead of trying to help them improve by explaining to them why they died and how to avoid it, etc.

In my experience, all you need is 1445/4x3 engraving, to clear Valtan HM as long as 6 or more players make it to ghost phase and 1415/3x3 for NM. It’s honestly best to just create your own party, if no others are willing to take you, and wait for people to join because you aren’t the only one in that situation. There are others stuck in the same boat, can’t find a group, gets denied because they are minimum ilvl and engravings, or just because they play a certain class. Just be patient.

There are good players at every ilvl so you just have to take the chance and hope everything goes well because no one can really tell if someone is good or not until you’ve played with them. Kinda like when I joined a group of 1455+ players for HM Valtan and they can’t even get to ghost phase without most of them dying. And eventually…we disbanded…sadge.
It is what it is unfortunately. Just gotta keep trying and eventually you’ll find a party that will take you/join you and clear the raid.

If ppl dont join your group it is big tell that there is something wrong with your build.

Are ya rumored “domination sorc”?

Cuz when I create pugs I often dont wait longer than 5 min for it to be almost full.

The community as a whole is still learning the fight. Since Valtan is still relatively new, people need to compensate for lack of knowledge and skill with additional gear. If you give it a couple weeks when alts and more people are at 1415 the requirements to join a group will go down. Otherwise if you want to be in at the front of a new fight you’ll need to build accordingly.

I play mostly solo which is why I generally main support. By upping my skill I can cover up the mistakes of pugs to keep them going which ultimately results in more clears. This makes the game more fun for me overall since I can’t commit to a static.

We can see, Legions Raid is more about mechanics than high ilvl +25 weapon

And that’s why we like them

I’m in euc and there are a lot of people that will not take you if you don’t have at least 2 or 3 maxed engravingS. Witch is really stupid. Its not that much difference on the DPS . Yes it’s more but from watching steamers from Korea they say you don’t need to have all this engravings. They say it’s better to survive then put of DPS. I’ve even ran some other dungeons where people have grudge and ended up dieing all the time.

I have noticed that most people in Lost ark are very toxic. Very few will actually help you. On this part i don’t see what ASG or smile gate can do on this. Idk maybe make it easier to get the engravings.

Try doing all your raids before Saturday, you’ll have a higher success rate. The later in the week the worse the experience gets.

It is enough for Premade Groups but if you use Party Finder you gotta see it as a job interview.
There is a Job and a lot of overqualified people who apply. I personally would try to aim for best geared possible just because its less mechanics to worry about and most likely a higher guarantee of a kill.
If you only shot for minimum requirements you most likely will encounter this problem - I always spend my gold to improve my character - why in the first hand would i save up on gold anyways? to buy one best in slot item for 50k? No its better to keep maxing out - best in slot will come by time anyways but it makes your life a lot easier.

gettint 2-3 maxed engravins should not be that hard a 6/6 stone (not that hard to get now with relic stones) 2 epic books also not that expensives
and gear that only focus on your class engraving and the right stats if more than easy to get if you dont have abysmal luck during argos and hard oreha and tada you got 3 engravings for a cheap price and even 4 max engravings are not that hard to get now on most classes (something around 10-15k if you count in the price for pheons (something you can invest atleast in your main char)

and well jeah ir its a big differenc in dps some engravings are only rly good at level 3 (just look at grudge or cursed doll)