Valtan release is too late

So why is Valtan going to be released so late? Why not just give players more mats/honing increase instead of making everyone who is ready for Valtan wait for more than a month? Basically this roamap just told me im going to be doing Oreha,Argos and Velganos for another month(or more lol) when im already overleveled for it. also not a single word about reaper,arcana etc… is gonna make playerbase go down a lot again

Valtan release is too early and too late

Too early for 1445

Too late for 1415

Somewhat true but if they dont release any whale bait they wont make money, and i personally dont mind being few weeks behind since whales are paying the game for me

I don’t mind being behind in power.

I do mind being behind in accessible content.

Especially because no other modern MMO and no other version of Lost Ark works that way.

agreed some people get massive anxiety from FOMO too id really hate to be the 1 upstairs pulling strings i would have no clue what to do other then release valtan with 100% honing up to 1415 at least maybe then a lot would go from weeks behind to days behind again tho id hate to be the 1 figuring all this out