Valtan server is unstable again

As the title, seems like Valtan server is having issue again, please check


Just dced from Valtan while doing Ark of Arrogance Abyssal Raid.

I’m getting stuck on Nia Village loading screen again

yeah same - booted out and can’t log back in

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All this taking down of the servers to fix the issues and it doesn’t even stay up for more than 12 hours before running into the same issues again :slight_smile:

Yup… It’s been happening for the last 3 days it started after the maintenance… feels like server on :fire:

bro i was literally about to kill that damn dragon and i get disconnected. I tried to log back in and it said someone else was logged in. The third time i started it up the screen came up but before i could even get into the server, game error, and I was booted.

yup, dc’d and can’t reconnect. says game encountered an error and is now exiting.

same here

This is the one post on the forums i actually agree with. Valtan is on fire lol

Turning the server off and on to fix issues is not working. Rediculous - how many times has Valtan gone done just this week.

With that many wei cards, something must be sacrificed right?

And the amount of botts is out of control and must be contributing to the problem. They are growing in numbers as the servers get worse and worse =*(

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why Valtan all the time ?
Is it cause we got the most player?

It’s been majorly unstable since last patch.

Valtan server is hot garbage lol…I am sure we will get a message that is down fore maintenance…

luckily I got of Argos Phase 2 in time lol

The disconnects have been happening past couple of days since the last update but have always been able to log back in, now I can’t log in, just states it’s encountered an error and exits the game, when you retry it says you’re already logged in… restart the PC and back to the error again, frustrating loop to say the least.


is it safe to log back on? the server status says good…

The game stopped loading when porting to Nia Village and now can’t connect to Valtan.