Valtan Solo Entry


there is one thing I miss in the game, that I can enter Valtan HM as solo player and not to rely on seven further players who waste their time for my solo practice time.

Are there any plans out there to make it possible or am I just a day dreamer?

Maybe someone knows informations. If not, I would appreciate if it will be implemented in the game.


1st. No not gonna happen

And what would u want to practice going in solo?

U would not get through gate1

And even if on gate 2 u have 0 chance of breaking valtans armor
Or practice any actually important mechanic cause u would not be able to dmg him to that point

Well that could be a dumbed-down mode for people to go in and check the mechanics, timer etc. The critical things not working in solo (e.g. the armor break) could be dumbed down for one player to do it in that mode.

But yeah that seems unlikely to be added at this point

Thanks for your posts but armor break is not that an big issue with dark nades.

Yea practicing for soloruns… ofc… Like KR pple do it every day…
Also for solo bussing valtan it is nice.
That you can practice until you can run it perfectely alone.

It is annoying that you have to find 7 players for it…

So you basically want single player game from mmo game, noted.

not sure what you are talking about since solo valtan is a ordinary daily business in RU and KR…

it might be difficult, yea… maybe this is the reason why people doing it…

I thought you just want do it solo and be done with it, but you want practice to drive a bus, I am correct? People already do that:

bussing is a side effect of the character growth, its not an intended system per say which means they will never lay out content for and around it

also valtan is an exception in the legion raids to be fully soloable so it would apply only for that raid which makes it even less reasonable for them to add anything like this

This is an argument but do you think it would be problematic that you can enter a raid alone? In other raids you will get wiped anyways…

If you are able to enter alone you can test and try things out like you want, no matter how long it takes and you do not waste anybodies lifetime. No one will be harmed by that. Tricky in solo valtan are the wolves, especially the fear mech in annoying… p2 is easy…

That function already existed, its called busing

I think it might potentially opens the door for bots with cheats in raids if you say they already do I could argue they will 8x their profit then.

I think there are enough people that take a potential free carry and just go afk so I don’t see that it is that “annoying”. If you are really that concerned about the time of your freerriders you can put it in the title.

Not with that attitude kekw

Probably solo bus, learning patterns, testing builds, etc, there are a lot of reasons to want to practice a Legion raid

Why not? Valtan busses are usually done by a single player.

Thirain can break the 1 stack of armor. But usually Balthor is used because most people don’t know how to do the mech and take more than 1 orb or make Valtan face in a different direction while trying to take an orb.

For reference, here’s a NA’s Sharpshooter doing Valtan Solo:

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Yea, you can get always better and faster. The feeling after a run like „this went wrong and this…“ is disgusting.
With 7 people you have pressure to clear, you can’t intentionally wipe to rerun…

If you are solo… you have none of that issues, you can do whatever you want to

i do personally like your idea and it would be fun and doesnt technically have any negatives to it

only thing could be newer players getting misleaded into launching it solo and wasting their time then but thats not really a massive concern

the bigger part here is that there is 0 incentive for them to add it, as i said previously valtan is the only legion raid that this complete solo playthrough applies to, not even argos is 100% soloable so this would be a feature for a single, old and entry-level raid and at the same time bussing is not a supported practice, it is allowed and legal but there are no systems in place to actively support it and im pretty sure theres no intention to support it as its just a byproduct of the character growth and mechanics are supposed to prevent the raid from getting solo carried which you can see with how raids after valtan have been set up

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Got behind it. But it is not even about bussing.
Just hanging around alone in a raid would be a nice feature but well…
I marked your comment as solution…