Valtan - some general advices for legion raids scared people

First, I do agree that making Legion Raids a key feature in previously casual-freindly game was really BAD decision from Smilegate.
And later on it’s going be only worse with progression totally blocked by more and more mechanichs-loaded legion raids, so if you not fond of that sort activities you probably want to quit now.

But, Valtan raid itself is not that hard and actually fun, you don’t really need godskills/friends/guilds etc to clear it. I suggest just try at least this raid first before you quit.
So, straight to the point, here some general advises:

  1. Be prepared. Your engravings/gems/skill tripods - that will decide if you can get a decent group or below average one.
    Note that the less damage you deal the more mechanics boss do and it’s highly probable that there will be just 2-3 people left alive in the end, so your personal damage output is really important in this raid.

  2. Write down a raid plan. Watch the video guide multiple times and write notes what boss mechanic to expect at what hp bar value.

  3. This raid is all about destruction and counter attacks, so better do some training BEFORE the raid.
    Learn what skills do destruction (remember, just destruction bombs are not enough for Valtan if you want to break him fast!), what skills and how do counter and change your build accordingly.

  4. Don’t be afraid to apply in party finder. For some of you matchmaking is easier because you can’t be rejected there, but Legion Raids need a really good raid leader to progress, not randomly assigned one.
    If you are rejected - just try the next one.

  5. Be patient. Don’t expect you will gracefully clear this raid from first try or that all your raidmates learn mechanics that you just learned in perfect sync with you. Give it a time.

  6. Some people will learn faster than others, and at some point those who learn slower will probably be a burden to them.
    I believe that’s acceptable if your raid leader decides to cleanup those who unable progress at this time or those who are ahead of you decide to quit your raid.
    I know it’s painful that someone think that they don’t want to play with you, but please don’t make a drama or block those who want to quit. Better find those who are OK with your current level and clear raid with them.

  7. Don’t try to clear it in one take, if your raid lasts more than 2 hours it’s getting not productive because people getting tired and can’t focus. Stop and make a break, maybe even start on the next day.
    You’ll be surprised that what appeared like unbeatable wall on previous attempt will be easily clear on next day.

  8. Be clear with a lobby title when you create one. Not GIGACHADS ONLY, FAST CLEAR and etc. But Blind Learning/ Guide Learned/ Experience up to 30 bars/ Experience up to Ghost Phase/ Voice only and so on.
    That will greatly save you from most of point 6 situations.

  9. This raid doesn’t require a voice communication. It has very few mechs those need sync between players (3 counters and… I can’t recall others actually) and they can be arranged in advance.
    But voice can help you on active learning phase. Or maybe the opposite if it comes with few chatty persons / leader wannabe bootcamp sergeant / etc.

  10. Don’t be too frustrated if you haven’t clear Valtan in the first week. Next week it’s going to be much easier because more people learn it and average damage increase with new gear available.
    So, if you feel too pressured with that raid then just skip 1-2 weeks, you don’t lose much if you do that.


very good sir, this mindset is always needed in MMO’s especially for LA / WoW / FF (nvr played FF but im sure this mindset can be applied to this game too).


Yeeew valtan easy. I defeated it at lvl 25 already but karmine sucked him up :frowning: couldnt give the finishing blow.

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We need more posts like that.

And also more “watch a guide video MULTIPLE times” even if practices is way better for learning. If you eat a guide video everytime for breakfast, suddenly something that appears weird during the fight will be linked by your brain to a memory of what you watch.

And you will have way less stress, pressure from the situation cause you figured what just happened like “ahhhh its THIS thing/mechanic… ok i know what i gotta to do then.”

Legion raids are supposed to be approached this way.