Valtan - Unable to load character after crash

Yestoday I decided to try out the new South Vern content.
Everything was going well until my game crashed and I attempted to log back onto my character.
So to me, and based on other threads I’ve read, this seems like it’s strictly an issue with the South Vern area.
My game character got stuck during a mission yesterday, the progress bar was slow to load, it got stuck at about 30%, and the game process was unresponsive. This affects my game progress and is very uncomfortable. Loading the map is actually Hagrid’s mansion.
Game server: Valtan
Game character name: Aracosm
I’m guessing a character movement would solve this issue.
Maybe help me and give some compensation?

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Hi @Arsucom Welcome to the Forum! :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with the game.

We’re experiencing issues with some players getting stuck in the game:

We understand the issue that all of you are experiencing and we are aware of it, if you are stuck and can’t seem to recover from the loading screen please reach out the Support team via web ticket:

We will work to unstuck your character manually, please be patient while we work on solving this issue. :hammer_and_wrench: