Valtan - vykas for novice players!

Hi, I play in Euc servers and I’m the head of a guild which has 20+ novice players… I’m trying to teach them the mechanics of the first legion raids (valtan and vykas) and it’s not very simple… I wonder if it is possible to implement a version of valtan and vykas, always accessible, which does not give rewards on completion, where you can die and fail the raid inside it, with limited potions and bombs (as in the normal-hard version). potions and bombs used but are returned to the players at the end … and the possibility of deciding whether to train on all the gates of the legion, or enter directly on a specific gate (example: the possibility of directly entering gate 3 of vykas to train only on that gate)…

I’m sorry if the more experienced players who sell the buses, can be annoyed by my proposal … but new players will never learn by buying the legion raids buses … there are many new discouraged players who leave the game immediately because unable to access legion raids and end-game content:

  • 90% of guilds only accept experienced players
  • new players are rejected when applying to join legion raids (because they are not well equipped or have too a low roster level).
  • new players only have the option to buy buses for legion raids (they have to stay dead on the ground and just watch and wait). so they will never learn

Training modes would rock. I would Sell teaching partys its win win!

Interesting idea and we appreciate your suggestion.

I will get this forwarded to the Development team! :slight_smile: