Valtan & Vykas raids too easy

The Valtan and Vykas raids are too easy and too fast for a weekly lockout, to make these raids harder there should be;

The use of time stop should be banned from raids as it’s too broken.

Medusa should require the entire party to do the mechanic in hard and normal should be bumped up so it’s the same as the current hard mechanic.

ALL players should have to complete their gates in G1.

The damage taken difference should have a reduced range so rather than GS getting 1shot, most classes besides GL and Destroyer should have 80% of their HP bar taken off rather than tanky classes taking half the dmg as a squishier class to the point where some classes don’t even need to avoid normal attack patterns.

Vykas should be using the “bad seed” mechanics in every encounter right from the start.

The Swamp mechanic should be changed so Vykas decides where your party should do it i.e 3, 9, 12 or 6 o clock.

Failing the QTE should kill the player who failed it instantly and damage the other players.

Normal Valtan should be changed to Hard in terms of mechs and hard changed to inferno but without scale of balance and less damage taken from Valtan.

Raids should be longer in general i.e at least 1hr+ to clear.


I agree with the sentiment, but making raids last longer than 1hr even with a clean clear is not something I’d like to see. Just remember that we will be doing up to 18 raids a week at some point in the future.

Some things are certainly too easy though. Like the Argos pizza memory mechanic being something you can ignore.


soon that ppl gonna have to do clown, brel, vykas / valtan for 6 chars you know that right? having the raid being harder = more time consuming not to mention theres dailies and other things in game that player need to do, the raid is fine as it is. If you want it to be harder then go do inferno mode where Saint said he have spent over 120k gold worth of consumable just to clear Vykas + Valtan for that week


Yeah so give more raid rewards and do rested on dailies, people quit coz dailies are boring and raids are too short.

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then make more alts and do them again ? regardless SG wont make the raid harder or easier its stays as it is


Theres a 6 char gold limit which I’ve already reached and even clearing those 2 raids 6 times a week, it only took 1 day to do.

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If you want more fun then spend ur own resources and make more alts to do it, if not then go ask SG to increase the limit to 9

I’ve already suggest to increase the gold limit to 9 for crystalline owners but NA cry babies said no cause its P2W apparently

y are u giving stupid solutions that make no sense

its too ez

then go play something else harder


there isnt anything harder in this game

Here we go with the stupid solutions again



Just because its easy for you it doesnt mean its easy for 100% of the player base, the game should not revolve you


Go do matchmaking, you’ll have your challenge haha

go clear it first then speak

I alreayd cleared valt

show a valtan statue in ur sh as proof?