Valtan wthout Vykas


Thanks for giving us Valtan a great and much needed addition to the game. What concerns me is how i will plan my build going foward.

If we get the same gear requirements to craft as korea we are not able to make our 6 set relic set bonus. This means i would be better to combine some legendary with some relic pieces on my build. If this is the case i would be better to do valtan normal even if i am able to do valtan hard as normal is the only way to craft legendary sets.

If we are going to gear differently then i would be better served doing valtan hard as the rewards are better.

Can we get some insight as to how we will be gearing going foward so we can plan our launch strategy for the weekly lockouts and not put ourselves a week or more behind please?

Or perhaps a release date for Vykas?

However i guess that would be too much to ask seeing as we dont have a definite date for valtan even.

This communication would go a long way towards people planning how far to push to gear optimally.

Thanks guys.

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You do realize that Vykas’ launch has been like this for all regions right? Also, almost all Relic sets at 2 pieces is worth giving up Argos 5 Piece.

Also, you need at least 2 weeks of Valtan Hard for 2 pieces. And 4 weeks for classes that need 4 pieces of Valtan Relic gear.

That’s 4 weeks minimum for everyone to get the pieces they need running Hard Mode, which is easily 1 month. You don’t think that pacing is good enough already? Vykas coming one month after Valtan means they’ll have exactly enough time to finish 4 pieces and work on the last 2 pieces.


Yeah, you have to wait to finish the set, just like every other region has had to do. Vykas released a month after Valtan in KR and I expect it to be roughly the same for us.

First of all, you aren’t meant to complete your relic set in one go, it will takes time, and yes you will mix sets, there no such thing as ‘‘getting lockout and putting yourself behind’’ theres no competition, you aren’t behind for working on a mix of sets, you are improving your character one way or another.

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Yes i do realise that however there are legendary sets you can mix relic sets with (not argos) that you can only get the items to craft it from valtan normal. Hence my question.

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You expect… it would be nice to know though right. Just so you dont assume too much

You can go according to your preference, can go valtan leg, can keep argos, you gonna have plenty of options, which is what is lacking in the game, enjoy the ride.

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Yes but i would hate to waste a weekly lockout doing normal when i could be doing hard or vice versa. Some clarification from amazon would be great :slight_smile:

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kudos to you if u even beat him on first week, i’m a new player so even having the ilvl i’m going the old way of normal progression, theres no waste because even after you finish your desired set, you will stay with it for a good ass time, so in the end, its not about how fast you get it, but how long you will stay with it.

I mean. Do hard if you can do hard. I dont understand why you wouldnt. You get twice as much materials.

Thank you. Each to their own I guess. It doesn’t change my request for some communication however. As a side note yes I’m ready for valtan hard mode I got ready the “old” way too. By grinding multiple alts and feeding my main. This is why to be efficient I wouldn’t want to waste a weekly lock out.

Cause you dont get any mats to craft the legendary set from valtan hard, hence his concern, honestly OP if you have a fixed group, you can get by just having your 2p relic (4p if you are domination and the likes) and doing valtan hard every week until vykas if they agree with that and you arent lacking dps, which you shouldnt, but if you are going to pug valtan hard, its very likely that people will inspect for set combos down the line.

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You wouldn’t because you would want the materials from normal to craft legendary gear which does not drop in hard.

if it s like in korea i think the best thing to do is to go normal first week get 2 legendary part and after go HM .
and go for 2 argos / 2 baltan legendary and 2 baltan relic part .

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Thank you mate! Good advice. I appreciate the insight.

We might get a change to the set crafting since they changed the argos set in some way if im not misstaken, otherwise im guessing vykas is realy close :slight_smile:

i just read Saintone doc if i have understand correctly depend on the set of gear you play , you can craft 4 relic parts with only baltan but i am not really sure about this .

go at T3 relic legion raid set line .

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vykass will release in 2 months. people will mald saying its pay to win again

As a sorc the relic set I require is nightmare which you are only able to craft 3 of from Baltan and 3 require Vykas I believe

not sure about this , if i am not wrong saintone play the dominion set on his ignite sorc