Valuable Ability Stones

What are some of the best ability Stone combinations that I should look out for that are valuable

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Grudge + Any Grudge User Stone: Pretty obvious, many classes use Grudge.
Heavy Armor + Awakening: Bard Stone (Artist iirc also uses this, so if you are planning that far ahead, lmao)
Awakening + Expert: Paladin Stone
Precise Dagger + All-Out Attack: Sorc’s most commonly used stone. Precise Dagger + Hit Master is a close second.

The secret is find out what engravings each class needs (in a combination). Most of the time those stones are worth something. It needs to be two good rolls. If it is only 1, it is worth nothing.

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This one is worthless, at least here in SA servers

Why would a Bard want Heavy Armour?

I’m a Paladin so maybe I’m just inherently tanky enough not to feel their pain but I couldn’t imagine a Support ever wanting to waste their time with Heavy Armour. It doesn’t nothing for your team!

this is what i exactly am looking for as a bard

a dead bard is the worthless one

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Why only in SA?

I’m not saying its in SA specifically. The data i have is on my region, so i can only speak about it.
Worthless means that its being sold for very little btw, not that it doesn’t work / its a bad item

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Did not get it. Which kind of data?

Edit: Oh! nvm. Now that you added what worthless means in SA context for you, I get it.

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Cant you just shield, use DR and heal? :thinking: Just seems weird that the DPS classes wouldn’t use Heavy Armour but the Support should. I dunno man, just seems weird but if it helps and it’s what you want then more power to you. Your right, it’s better having one less beneficial engraving than to be dead.

i think its about playstyle. I usually have hard times while changing position between melee and range. Heavy Armor prevents death from miss-positioning when skills are in cooldown.

Its not BiS for full support as you said but helps me being not a dodge-master :smiley: