Vanquisher Starter Pack bug

I purchased the pack, the description says:

But what it actually contained was:

I assume this is a bug that it’s not giving everything, can I get the rest of the items please?

Someone has suggested that it’s intentional, if that’s the case the item is blatantly falsely advertised, how do I go about getting a refund for it? I wouldn’t want the pack if it doesn’t contain what it was advetised as containing.


I’ve put the contents in the bottom row of the storage of my main character, highlighted, to make it easier for whatever GM has to remove them:

Note that the mount was consumed, that needs to be removed too.

The character slot token, currency and aura time will also need to be removed.

100% this. There is no indication there is a limitation to the skins that you receive in this pack. This is a 100% trap pack on Steam, and they make it non-refundable knowing that people will buy it thinking you get all the skins listed. Blatant misrepresentation of the product they are selling. You only get the skin associated with the class you open the pack on.

Love the game!

To be fair, the live chat person I spoke to was really friendly and forwarded it to tech people to look into. I’m assuming they’ll refund people.

They have edited the steam page now, after 176 mostly negative reviews and likely thousands of sales, time will tell if they refund or meet their contractual obligations, so I’m going to stay positive and give them a week or so before escalating it.

Archive of the item we purchased, if it becomes needed:

The live chat transcript:

You are now connected to Ogar from
Me [03:50:14] : Issue: Lost Ark - Account: Something Else
Ogar [03:50:26] : Hello! Ogar here :slight_smile: Are you contacting us about New World or Lost Ark?
Me [03:51:41] : lost ark
Ogar [03:52:29] : OK great! How can I assist?
Me [03:52:49] : i’ll just grab some screenshots
Me [03:52:54] : might make it easier
Ogar [03:52:59] : I wont be able to view them here sadly
Ogar [03:53:12] : We arent able to access external third party links
Me [03:53:38] : are you able to access la forum threads?
Me [03:55:34] : well i purchased the " Vanquisher Starter Pack" on steam
Me [03:55:45] : the issue is it only contains around half of the advertised items
Me [03:56:12] : a cm on the la forums confirmed that the skins should be in the pack
Me [03:56:27] : and to contact support if those of us who purchased it don’t have them
Me [03:56:30] : the cm is
Me [03:56:30] : Raftel
Ogar [03:56:31] : Yes indeed I can
Ogar [03:56:45] : Okay perfect
Ogar [03:56:59] : I can escalate this to the technical team to get that sorted for you
Me [03:57:08] : i made a thread about the issue…(See full link)
Me [03:57:15] : /t/vanquisher-starter-pack-bug/86649?u=dax
Me [03:57:19] : if that helps you find it
Me [03:57:29] : i included screenshots of what’s missing on the thread
Ogar [03:57:40] : Thanks for that Dax
Ogar [03:57:53] : Just a moment while I sort this out
Me [03:58:12] : might be worth pulling the pack from the steam store too, at least until the issue’s resolved
Me [03:58:20] : given the reviews for it, i’m not the only one
Me [03:58:36] : but i doubt whoever i’m talking to would be able to do that :stuck_out_tongue:
Me [03:59:26] : the cms reply telling me to contact you was on /t/vanquisher-starter-pack/83042
Me [03:59:31] : another thread about the issue
Me [04:00:10] : they said "It does indeed contain those skins… but if any problems come up you can contact us directly and we will help you with any missing entitlements.
Me [04:00:15] : "
Ogar [04:01:54] : Okay thanks for that
Ogar [04:01:59] : What server are you playing on
Ogar [04:02:05] : and character name?
Me [04:02:23] : Avesta, NA-East server
Me [04:02:29] : i’m on “Sweat”
Me [04:02:44] : zerker, 493 ilvl
Ogar [04:04:34] : Okay thanks for that
Ogar [04:05:27] : Could you please list the exact items you are missing from the pack
Me [04:05:41] : certainly, just a sec
Me [04:08:03] : Stygian Alar Skin (Gunner) box, Shadow Alar Skin (Gunner) box, Hierax Alar Skin (Martial Artist) box, Volant Alar Skin (Martial Artist) box, Telestic Alar Skin (Mage) box, Sicarius Alar Skin (Assassin) box
Me [04:08:41] : the only skin box i DID get was the Auroch Alar Skin (Warrior) box
Me [04:10:00] : i also have no way of seeing if i have the “Character Expansion Slot”, since it didn’t give me a 13th slot, i’ll only know if i have it when more slots open up
Ogar [04:11:16] : Thanks for all that info :slight_smile: I’ve submitted the escalation to technical team
Me [04:12:26] : thank you kindly, is there any other information you need from me? 4am here :stuck_out_tongue:
Ogar [04:12:50] : No we got everything I needed :slight_smile:
Me [04:13:15] : great, thank you for your time
Ogar [04:13:38] : You’re most welcome Dax! Take care and all the best to you!

Here’s the change the made today:

At least under UK law, we entered into a contract when I made the purchase, while this is sufficient for people moving forward, we still need what we purchased.

Lets give them time to deal with it. <3

I wrote with the Support and one of the Moderators of this Forum. There will be no Refunds (because of consumable Items) and there is no offical statement yet about how the will handle People with this Problem

Primarily I’m asking for what I paid for, I only need the refund if they’re unable to meet that obligation.