Velganos bias difficulty class design

Might wanna make revamp velganos mechanics completely.

currently is either barely clearable on pick 2 win classes or impossible to clear on not overpowered mobility classes.

I dont think having a guardian raid completely impossible to be cleared if you get hit one or twice by spells a good designed boss especially when the impossible part is when hes low meaning you have to always waste 15 minutes to try and do the bad designed part of the fight.

I think its really dumb to have all these classes and such an insanely punishing upgrade system but make it so that if you didnt pick a pick 2 win class you just dont get to do that content.

the fight is so badly designed that the best way to beat this is to ask people to afk so you have all the light for yourself and try do it solo on those classes or just go solo so it has less health like what is this?

Velganos copy design is excellent, and in other servers players can easily pass through it by learning the mechanics. If you don’t want to spend any time learning the game mechanics, then you may not be right for this game.

There are a large number of game mechanics in subsequent copies of Army Leader, and players will need to keep learning and growing to conquer them.

The copies on the Steam server are already much weaker than the copies on other servers.


im pretty sure im 50 times better than you at this game but if you wanna act smart on this topic then its up to you but your just wrong here unfortunately happens

I’m pretty sure someone who thinks Velganos is “completely impossible” on any class is just bad.


record yourself doing it on artillerist or gunlancer solo then come back to me till then you can keep your mouth shut

If you are finding it difficult solo then do it with other people?

I mean I don’t have either of those classes at 1385, but I can just link you the streamer RaizQT who mains gunlancer and has soloed it numerous times on stream.

So no, it’s not “completely impossible”, you just need to get better.

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Op is delusional

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Every encounter will have mechanics that favor certain classes’ move sets over others. Just because you are struggling on Velganos with your class does not mean that it is a poorly designed boss.

just solod it myself and it took 17 minutes with a Sharpshooter running, 500 Crit, 400 Specialization and 600 Swiftness.

not that bad of a boss, honestly tier 1-2 guardian raid are harder than tier 3,

Fox Yoho/1370 is a joke, the Giant/1340 with the Slow mechanics is also a joke.