Velganos Discussion

Is it just me or this boss is way too overtuned?

For a Guardian Boss this guy is way too strong in terms of damage and some of his mechanics are batshit insane.

The counter window for this boss is around 0.67s (we recorded it numerous times). In this window you cannot possibly register it and react to it. The only way is if you get lucky. For a Boss to require luck to be Countered is not a good design in my opinion.

Lets move to Damage and spells. Two of his spells have also around 1s to react or less and if they hit you, they stun you and pretty much oneshot you. Of course I am talking about his breath and his lightning “stakes” that go around him. If a mechanic has sub 1s reaction and stuns the player AND oneshots = you have to get lucky again = again bad design.

Before comments arrive saying “git gud”, please consider trying the fight, if you havent. In my (unpopular maybe) opinion, this boss is way overtuned.

The stagger and oneshot mechanics are okay for me as they require skill and coordination, Light/Darkness as well, although in P3 I would’ve liked to have a way to dispel darkness but I guess thats a skill mechanic as well and can be played around.

The only issues I have is with aforementioned mechanics that either need correction in timing windows or serious damage reduction.


git gut , i did him at 1385 solo

ignore counterskills it’s basically a bit to kill u [ mostly goes for breath , charge is doable but u don’t know what he will use ], stagger is rly easy to deal with unless u play as support [ start using your battle items - whirwind granade ]
This boss requires u to spend some time and learn it’s mechanics also u need patience u can’t rush into him and mindlessly spam your skills, the buffs gives u huge amount of dps > keep running around until u find a window to deal dmg that’s the kind of boss this is

velganos is the most fair and fun guardian fight in the game. think only issue with it is the game doesn’t tell you that you’re supposed to solo or duo it

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It’s harder than all Argos phases combined and that’s cool because game is already too easy

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Basically, git gud


You should see him as a dummy to learn Mechs that will come more often than not.
For example the Pizza.

This fight is meant to be hard and challenging. Its not meant to be easy. Youre going to need to learn to recognize animations and movesets. Youre going to need to learn what your punish windows are.

This is 100% a you thing, but if you put effort into learning the fight, you’ll finish it and come out a better player.

Come on now. There has to be at least one challenging guardian… everything else is an absolute joke. the reward difference between him and yoho is negligible. If you don’t like him just farm yoho. Leave some of the challenge in the game.

Yes it is a very hard fight, but it is not impossible.

This is simply a git gud issue.

Pretty much the only change I would make is move this guardian onto a better map.

I fucking hate that map. Wouldn’t mind having him teleport or move towards center a bit when he does pizza as well, just because foggy ridge has such shitty terrain that sometimes it’s impossible to move around him, but that’s more a side effect of the garbage map he’s on than his mechanics. He’s a fun, fair fight and really isn’t that hard once you learn his mechs.

Boss is a solo fight skill check for later content. If you cant counter just dodge its that simple. For melees you just drag dog away from littered field or deal with it because you’re in a small area. Ranged can literally do the fight entirely without using any pots if you’re really good. Stagger check you can timestop if you have no skills up. For light pizza just learn it. Its really simple if you know how it works. If he does it in a corner just walk out of it or timestop after grabbing 1 light or 0 light stacks. All of his moves are easily telegraphed if you look closely besides his backstep jump which can hit you if his back is against the wall and you’re a melee. Just practice and you’ll eventually be doing it every day for your 2 guardian raids. If you don’t want to get better for this kind of small content then what happens when legion raids come?

Tbh it’s one of the most fun and changing guardians in T3 i may even say the only one that poses some challenge, it’s quite fun and rewarding when you finally learn him patterns and then defeat him as a solo, if you can’t do him cuz it’s too hard to you then just go for fox yoho it’s super easy tbh even with random, So let’s not nerf him he is good as it is.