Velganos is bugged?

So i tryed for a couple of hrs to beat velganos and I belive its almost impossible to beat at 1385 item lvl, he is really too strong, in 20 sec he deals around 100-150k dmg HOW IS THAT BALANCED? CAN U FIX THAT PLS???


Plenty of players beat it at 1385 ilvl with regular potions.
Unless you run into every mechanic you should be able to brute force him with the 65% HP potions, but it’s completely doable solo at 1385 ilvl (very hard though)

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man everyday I am trying to beat that shit with a group of 4 people, wasting time looking for supports, it’s too hard compared to all the others guardian raid…I did first try argos, than when I try to beat this shit, it’s almost impossible…even with a 15 weapon and 4 lvl 3 engravings

Do it solo! It’s hard to get 4 equally skilled people in the same group.

It’s time to learn how to deal with it.

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Nice bait

git gud is all I can say. There are people that do it potionless with 2x3 engravings on 1385.

There you have my first solo clear with 5 blue pots and grudge


welcome to endgame, this is where stuff get challenging, you are either up to the challenge or you can go to yoho :slight_smile:

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I will go to yohoo all the time, I am done with that fuckers, I tryed so many ways to deal with it, 1,2,3,4 man raid there is no way u can deal with it without dying or paying some whales to do it

everybody knows how to use photoshop…

that is not photoshop, velganos is a mechanic heavy enemy, once you get how he works he is perfectly doable with 1385 solo and in party, in KR its kinda a rite of passage for new dps’s to solo velganos (its hard not imposible)

Idk man, did it at 1385 with blue pots, 2 x3 engravings 1 x1 and it was for sure challenging but its very doable. It’s where the game encourages you to start learning, practicing and getting alot better. (230 ping btw)

If you’re unable to kill it, it’s not a game issue. It’s a skill issue.

To quote you: