Velganos = Worth it?

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if it’s even worth doing Velganos? Not many people seem to be doing this Boss due to him being by far more difficult then Yoho.

As far as I know, the difference is 1-2 Great Leapstones, and it doesn’t seem to cover the stress from learning and trying over the boss, as people seem to be doing it solo or duo mostly, which requires a certain level of knowledge about the boss and it’s patterns.

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I’ve killed him once solo to be able to do further guardians down the line. It was hard. Too hard for me even I outgear him somewhat. I will never do him again! For me its not worth the additional leapstones.

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In my opinion the main problem with the boss is that for some reason people don’t want to do him in basic 4 people group, everyone seems to be focused in Soloing or Duoing him, which doesn’t seem to make any sense.

If people were to make same 4 people groups as always, it would be by far more attractive and fun experiences, than trying to do it solo while dying like 10-12 times, or trying to get into a party to some overgeared support/tank looking for DPS of the same gear lvl.

If you have the time and you’d like a challenge, it’s actually pretty fun. Personally I do it on weekends when I have more time to play. Like you said, I don’t think it’s worth doing it for the sake of getting the additional rewards. You could spent hours just to learn the mechs, and prepare to consume pots and die a lot.

That being said, once you get the hang of it’s really rewarding. It’s like doing Abyssal dungeons/raids (in terms of difficulty) but instead of once a week you get to do it every day. Yoho on the other hand is just button spamming, but it’s fast.

For this particular boss, if you look up the mechs and you’ll know why it’s actually better to do it with lesser people/solo it. (light spawns)

I’d definitely recommend at least trying it out. (You’re gonna have to anyway to do the next upcoming guardian)

I did him solo once cause trying him with groups NEVER worked (either people gave up too early or they just didn’t understand the mechanics – which aren’t even that hard to be honest)

but will never do him again. It is a hassle and the map is awful on top of that :'D just waiting for Deskaluda now. Until then… Yoho it is :heart:

one thing that annoys me is the small spaces in the top of foggy ridge and that he likes the walls and chokepoints and fills up everything with puddles and the breath attack that paralyzes for the whole duration if ur hit. which results in either 10% or death.

Yeah totally. He sometimes stays in the most undesirable corners. The map is also very huge and it takes ages to get from A to B.

I sometimes even miss the animation when he gets “invincible” so i don’t get to trhow my pheromone bomb in time and have to chase for him all over again … paaaaain

Depends on how long it takes you. 2man with harsh oath support seems to be most efficent… but in the end its just personal preference… if it takes same time as fox then yes obviosly and if it takes longer its up to you if the extra time it takes is wort 3 or 4 extra ghl a day. Like is 5min worth 280gold for you if it takes 5 min longer

He’s so bad for supports … Never did him always failed cause no team brought the needed dmg and no chance I solo him as support

I solo him as a support class with dps spec, but it takes longer than in duo so I recommend you to duo him, but going into dps spec alone inside to learn the fight from that point of view isn’t a bad idea either.

I do yoho with my 1420 scrapper so I can finally feel useful

I do him every day twice. Fox is no fun at all tbh and velganos only takes 2 min longer. I take the free bonus mats and fun every day, fox is annoying. So far my best time was 5:19 min and I am trying to beat that.

Honestly I do him duo basically every day. Playing DPS and taking 1 support into the party and it’s honestly not that difficult. Exactly at 1400 GS since I stopped honing to push alts.
Takes around 9-13 minutes and since starting to duo him I only wiped once, since the support afk’ed during the fight.

I think people try to duo cause of two reasons, first you have ledd team mates that eat away at your revives if they don’t play properly and they will most likely also take some of the light stacks, which means it’ll take longer for you to get the dmg buff.
And second because it’s also a little more challenging, I guess a lot of people enjoy the achievement of beating him that way.

Before starting to duo him, I tried it in a team of 4 and it took me around 8 tries to finally get him killed for the first time. Duo on the other hand hasn’t failed me so far… I honestly think it’s more difficult in a full squad…

People prefer solo or duo because there’s less chance of f’ing up mechanics. Every mechanic on Velganos wipes out entire raid if failed I think or at least there are some and then there’s also the pizza slice like Argos. People don’t want to rely on others specially when Guardian gets scaled in HP the more people you have.

The only meachanic that wipes the whole team is the one with the logo above your head and one person has to get grabbed by him afaik. In theory you could just stay outside of the pizza and ignore it, since the only reason to do it is to get the light buff again. You can also run away from the stagger check, since the range of the “wipe” after fsiling the stagger isn’t really that high.

The main issue with 4 ppl teams is them eating away at the light stacks on the ground and if they die they take away revive slots… It’s just not worth to take that risk with randoms imo


It’s just not worth to do Velganos period (After first kill) when you can just do Yoho in 2-3x faster time and get 1 less tradeable Great Leapstone.

I did it solo in like 13 minutes when I was already 1400 ilvl or something. It just kinda feels like a waste of time and in last phase as melee he just spams abilities that apply dark stacks and at some point your ONLY way to do damage again is to do pizza slices correctly to get light stacks back.

None of his mechanics are incredibly difficult and as difficult as it might seem, the pizza is actually pretty easy (as long as he isn’t right next to a wall) I clear him in around 9 minutes if I have a proper support and while Yoho is definitely a faster clear, I’d gladly “lose” 4-5 minutes of my time to get more Leaps. :smiley:


Period what? You can only do two guardians a day, meaning getting the most of it is always worth it! Also if you learned how to do him effectively it only takes 5-6 minutes or even less depending on your dmg. Last time I straight one shotted him when he started the third stagger phase and didn’t even do a single pizza. Yoho just jumps around annoyingly and he even has a mechanic in which he receives like 0 dmg. Imagine my igniter sorc wasting her complete combo on this shit. No ty. In my opinion velganos has the better damage windows and therefore doesn’t take too much longer compared to the fox (igniter sorc point of view)

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“To get more leaps”. The difference is 1 Great Leapstone per clear. You’re basically gaining 70 gold for 4-5 minutes longer time though.

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I mean ultimately it’s up to you. I just find it worthless to do him